Access Gmail without Internet by using Google Gears

Now you can access your Gmail where internet is not available. Google Gears is an open source project that enables more powerful web applications, by adding new features to your web browser. Use this tool to access your Gmail without any Internet connection. Below are steps mentioned by which you would know how to use Google Gears,

Step 1: If you are a Chrome user then no need to install Google Gears. Otherwise you will have to install Google Gears.

Step 2: Select the offline option from the Setting/ Labs tab in Gmail. Enable the offline option from there. Below is the screenshot,



Step 3: One pop up will come as option to get a shortcut for your Gmail, option will come as below

Step 4: One option will appear on the right side of your Gmail besides the “Sign Out” button.

Click on the Offline button if you want to download your Gmail for offline access.

Step 5: Once the download will get completed, you can access your Gmail account from your desktop without any Internet connection. That will help you in accessing you older mails in a remote area.


Go ahead and download your mails for future reference on the move. There may be a day when you will not have internet connection but needs to browse your mail. Don’t take a chance and be prepared for that day.

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  5. Craig Wilson

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    Very true…a major concern is cost effectiveness.

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