Regularly Check the Page Load time of your website or blog

Page load time is really important for getting the new visitor and for maintaining the older ones. You can access the tips for increasing the page load time in my article

How to increase the page loading speed for websites or blogs?

Here we are talking about the tool for checking the page load time. Below is the link for the tool where you need to put your domain name and then it will show you the time taken for loading that site.

Tool for Page load time

It mainly concentrate on the size of your webpage, so if you reduce the size of the webpage by using GZip then definitely the page load time will reduce for that particular domain.

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    How to valid html wc-3 from my blog

  • Sanjeev Mishra

    @Snifan Thanks a lot for posting your query here. You can try “HTML Validator” add-on of Firefox to validate your blog as you can’t validate it directly on, Please let me know whether that worked. “HTML Validator” is developed on the base of W3C itself but developers added some extra features over there as well. Thanks for your patience.