Capture Screenshots on BlackBerry with Capture It

BlackBerry users can share their blackberry device screenshots using Capture It. Whether you are a tech savvy, blogger, web addict or twitter addict and you want to share the screenshot from your BlackBerry then you can install a free to use application named as Capture It to achieve the same. Capture It adds a new link on your BlackBerry menu to take screenshot at any point of time.

BlackBerry Screen with Capture It

Capture It on BlackBerry

There are many other screen capturing tool available for BlackBerry but Capture It is a small app which stores picture in your memory card or device memory. It stores picture in JPEG format. Once you are done with screenshot, you can either email that as attachment or share that thru Bluetooth to your laptop or desktop or you can share that thru Uber Twitter or other app to your social media fans.

To install Capture It on BlackBerry, just go to the following address thru your BB browser and download the application from there,

Download Link:

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  • mike

    Doesn’t seem to work for me. Just produces a blank white pic. Using OS 5.0

  • Jay

    u have to set the permissions by selecting the downloaded icon. then battery pull. app does work after that.

  • Elle

    It works fine for me, but can you edit the time of capture? as i can never seem to capture anything but my downloads page /: i cant get to anything fast enough! Thanks, Elle.

  • cc

    Thisz shit don’t werk

  • JJ

    It works once you’ve changed all the permissions to “allow” by going to Options/Applications make sure Third Party apps are showing from drop down menu then choose CaptureIt and Edit Permissions. Whatever program/application you are using on the Blackberry, just press the menu button then Capture It to take a snap shot of anything on the Blackberry screen.

  • Ryan

    Every time I go to the url it tells me that the account has been suspended…what’s that about ?

  • mayowa