3 Ways To Show Alexa Rank On Your Blog or Website

There are lot many debates/ discussions/ views on Alexa ranking whether that is a dependable source of information for a blog or website but still advertisers gives nice amount of weightage to the Alexa rank of a site. That way if your site is having a good Alexa rank, then show off that rank to attract advertisers and new readers on your blog. There are many ways to embed Alexa widget on your blog which will show the current ranking of your blog. Here are 5 ways thru which you can show-off the Alexa rank:


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Alexa Widget

Alexa provides site widget to show off the alexa ranking and other information by embedding the code provided over there. Enter the URL of your blog or website on the Site Widget page and then it will generate a piece of code which needs to embedded on your blog template. The widget generated by Alexa would be something like the image below:


Rank Widget

Rank Widget is an online service to generate alexa widget of different themes. Here you can also generate widgets for Page Rank, Technorati Rank and Yahoo Search Inlinks. Enter the URL on the page and select the service for which you need the widget. Widget generated for Alexa on Rank Widget will look something like the image below:


Alexa Plugin

WordPress users may go for the plugin for Alexa rank widget. Alexa Plugin will let you show your alexa rank on your blog by adding simple template tag.

alexa plugin There are other ways as well to show the alexa rank of your site, even you can also create a small image and change the rank time to time by updating the image. Alexa information like “Related Sites, Keywords, Reach, Pageviews” etc can also be shown on the widget.

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  • I think one should use the Alexa Widget instead of the Plugin or the Rank Widget as it sends back traffic data to Alexa… Thus It also helps to Improve the Alexa Rankings.

  • Second one is nice and I am using that on my blog. Nice article.

  • @Debajyoti Thanks for sharing your inputs, Alexa widget will also put lesser load as well.
    @Ruchi Thanks for the comment. I saw the widget on your blog, looks cool.

  • I like the first widjet.

  • Widget is fine, but still I do not use it on my blog. One more feature of that widget is it helps in improving your site’s Alexa Rank.

  • Alexa widget puts lesser load on your server helping in faster loading of the Blog!

  • just passing through …

  • I prefer the default Alexa Widget.. many believe that it increases Alexa Rank too ! 😉

    Nice sharing.. 🙂

  • does it help if I embed the widget in the blog post instead of sidebar?

  • Yes, it helps getting better alexa for your site