We’re the BlackBerry Boys! Vodafone Ad

Vodafone India released a new ad promoting BlackBerry for everyone. In this new ad, they have featured a song “We’re the BlackBerry Boys” which is now trending in the mind of Indian Techies and BlackBerry lovers. The way, Vodafone promotes its stuff is incredible, they always come up with some interesting ideas and one of them was popular ZooZoo ads at the time of IPL. Here is the video ad by Vodafone featuring song “We’are the Blackberry Boys”.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPZH4OysGZI’]

In my opinion, they are trying to say that the BlackBerry is now having so many things for fun so that not only Business people can have that but even college going and other people can also have the same. There is no doubt that BlackBerry services are awesome but now 3G has come and people are eying on latest Android handsets and iPhone. Anyways, the song is really cool, I hope you will enjoy that.

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  • We (me and my wife) live in Sri Lanka and have access to “Star Movies” through a subscription to Dish TV. We see this ad a lot of times in Star Movies and both of us love it.

    In addition we watch “Zee Studio/Cafe” – they also have superbly inspired, relevant TV commercials.

    I love the messages presented by the celebrity figure Aamir Khan about safeguarding the image of India (it’s not an ad but I like it).

    There’s another commercial by Airtel in which there are 2 boys and one of them crossing the border to play foot ball with the other.

    Some of the ads are in Hindi, one of the many languages that I don’t understand, but it’s amazing how I can get the message by just looking at the visuals.

    I often tell my friends Sri Lankan advertising companies should learn from our Indian friends in the trade.

  • John

    The ad comes on TV hundred times daily. why watch on youtube again and the meaning of this ad is self explanatory you don’t have to write a whole post on it lol

  • This is just a small post having YouTube video of this interesting ad from Vodafone. As I write about tech updates, sometimes I share interesting stuff (specially tech related) over here as well. I don’t know what did you feel after watching this ad over here but I am sure lot many BlackBerry lovers still like to watch or listen to this song again and again.

  • Hi Yohan,

    Thanks for writing your thoughts here. I too like the advertisement quality of English Movie channels like Zee Studio, HBO etc. Ads specially from companies like Vodafone, Airtel etc are really refreshing in many ways, even some older ads by Nokia were also good. For your Hindi, I think I can help you on that :).

  • Gunjan

    Your adv brings smile to my 9 months old niece….Oh yeah,,,,,she enjoys it to that extent that she stops crying and starts claping,,,thats d magic of ur Adv,,,

  • That is really a plus point for Vodafone campaign. I am glad that the shared video made your niece happy.

  • Sats

    Hi I want to know the name of the model in shorts and specs and boots.
    She comes in from the right as you watch the ad and after the guy in the cap.

  • harpal

    what a nice song