Alexa Toolbar – Download It To Rank Good On Alexa

Everyone wants a good traffic rank on Alexa because it really looks good on sidebar and useful for making a good impression on visitors or other bloggers. If you want same for your blog them go ahead and download Alexa Toolbar and start using it on your browser. It will definitely add some value on your current Alexa Rank.

To download the Alexa Toolbar, You will have to use Firefox or Internet Explorer. Thru any of these browsers, go to the Alexa Toolbar Download page and then start downloading the toolbar. Once you will complete the download, start the installation. Installed Alexa Toolbar will looks something like the image below on your browser.


Note: Alexa Toolbar currently doesn’t support Google Chrome.

Different features of Alexa Toolbar

Definitely you can check the current traffic rank of each page opened on your browser. Apart from that you can also use Alexa Toolbar for other purposes. Some of them are,

1. Alexa Rank On Google SERP

Whenever you will hit a search on Google or Yahoo, you will find the Alexa rank of each web page on SERP. Based on that, you can estimate the popularity of the page and ongoing traffic as well. 

2. Alexa Rank Trend

Current Alexa Rank of a web page is one thing and the trend of previous 6 months or 1 week is another thing. Based on this information, you can estimate the growth or downturn of a web page. Alexa toolbar will show you trend on status bar of the browser for each opened page.

3. Check Archives Of The Web Page

You can check the achieves for a website on single click. For example, if you want to see how Mashable or Lifehacker or Problogger were doing in 2005 or 2006 on other websites in their initial days, go ahead and check the archives. To check the archives using Alexa toolbar, you will have to click on the Alexa logo on status bar of the browser and then list of options will appear. Click on “Wayback Machine”. It will show your the saved pages of the opened website based on different years. Now click on the saved pages, it will show you the older version of the website or blog.


4. Review A Blog Or Website

You can review your favourite website or blog using Alexa Toolbar. You can also do a favour to your friend’s blog by providing good review on Alexa.

5. Control Each And Every Option


You will have full control of showing or hiding different things related to Alexa Toolbar. You can hide the Alexa Trend or Rank Display on SERP etc. To do that, Click on “Options” tab on the menu opened by clicking on Alexa Logo on Status bar. Now choose from different options over there to control the display or nature or work for Alexa Toolbar.

Go thru the Alexa Complete Guide to know more about Alexa Options and Details.

Download and start using Alexa Toolbar on your blog and you will definitely see a rise in your Alexa Rank reaching towards good one.

Video For Alexa Toolbar Usage

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  • I will be happy if Alexa has toolbar for chrome and opera also, I use them regularly ! 😉

    Nice article buddy and I can feel the difference in my rankings after using the toolbar, but I’m not 100% sure that, it was because of the toolbar ! 😀

  • @Pradeep Thanks buddy, I am also waiting for the same. Chrome 4.0 is really fast, trying the alpha version

  • I’ll go with Paradeep because Alexa is the best toolbar for checking the value of any website or blog.
    It is really best if Chrome and Opera can install this toolbar.

  • @Surender Definitely Surender, Alexa is used to do that but Chrome and Opera are having good market share and those who are using these browsers needs Alexa Toolbar as well.

  • I am using this tool bar. This is really cool.

  • I don’t think using Alexa toolbar really helps in improving the rank. But I can surely say that if you want to do the analysis of web-traffic then it surely helps.

  • To :Tech -Freak
    Of Course! yes, it increases your Page rank Mentally but not physically .How happy it will be ,As You wake up and switched on your computer to check your comments ,then you see a number stating that your rank got less by 100,000.
    It holds your enthusiasm to post from your blog’s first post to last post Which is key to success..This enthusiasm is sufficient to get you top of all other blogs.
    May i was correct or n’t,

    I Will Write a post about it on my blog today.

  • i m using too but for increase rank………………

  • Complete and prefect info about alexa toolbar

    thank for sharing ..

  • I am using this tool bar. This is really cool..

  • WOW….I am amazed by this toolbar. Ever since I have installed it, I’m witnessing miraculous changes in my alexa rank 🙂