Sell Your Old Non-Working Mobile Phone Online and Get Some Hard Cash

If you are having an old mobile phone which is not in use right now, you may sell that online and get some hard cash. Since that mobile phone is not in use and just getting dust in your drawer, you can sell that out and that will be utilised to build latest phone. There are lot many websites where you can sell your old mobile phones, even you can check the current price offered for your mobile phone model.

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Here is the list of websites where you can check the offered price for your model,


1. Mazuma

Here you can search for the model number of your mobile phone and then they will show you the current offered price for the same. You can choose whether your mobile phone is in working condition. It is not in working condition, they will offer you a new slashed price. But for a non working phone, whatever you get is an earning.

2. Omio

Here you can compare the prices offered by different traders at a single place. After that you can use any of them to sell you phone.

3. Envirofone

Same is the situation with this website as well. You can check the offer based on your mobile phone model and then send your mobile phone to the address and then you will get some hard cash thru PayPal.

4. Mobile Phone exchange

This is also in the same business where you can compare the price offered by different traders and then you may go any of them. Some traders offers gift vouchers but some of them offer hard cash for the deal. Cross check that before completing the task.

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Prices offered by these traders are not good enough, for example Nokia N95 in non working condition will be offered at ~ Euro 45 ($30) which is not enough for Nokia N95 for sure. But still if you want to try with some of your unused phones then you can do it instantly.

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  • thanks !! very helpful post!

  • I would recommend using a site such as mobiles2money. That way you can make sure you’ll be getting the best price for your old handset.

  • I would like to recommend comparing prices using a special tool that compares prices offered by all of these mobile recycling sites and more. It helps the environment obviously but it’s also the best way to get the most money.

  • A very enjoyable read, and I agree with the latest post from Sell Mobile. Comparing prices is definitely the best way to go and as mobile phone recycling is still in its early stages it heightens awareness of the legitimate phone buyers whilst helping customers get the most back for their mobile phones.

  • Mobile phones contains large quantities of precious metals, so it could be profitable to buy cheap old phone

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  • Mobile phones contains large quantities of precious metals, so it could be profitable to buy cheap old phone