Browsers Comparison, Google Chrome Leads

Browser ComparisonThere are lot many browsers available for free to use on a system, but finding the best one is always a question. Popular browsers are Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari. If you are trying to figure out which one should be your default browser then you can take a look at the performance comparison carried out by Sixrevison.

In this performance test, these 5 browsers were used on a single system with following configuration,

  • Operating System : Windows Vista (32 bit)
  • CPU : Intel Core2 Duo
  • RAM: 3GB

Results of this performance test was such that Google Chrome leading in 4 out of 6 tests. Different tests performed on these browsers were as,

  • JavaScript Speed
  • CPU Usage
  • DOM Selection Speed
  • CSS Rendering Speed
  • Page Load Time
  • Browser Cache Performance

Browser Performance Result – Comparison

Web Browser Comparison Chart * Click on the image to see the large view.

Thanks Sixrevision for posting this performance test result. Google Chrome consumes so much resources in terms of memory but so does the other browsers as well. I am using Google Chrome as the default browser on my system and the performance is really amazing. Which is your favorite and default browser and why? Discuss the same thru comments section of this post.

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  • Aaaaah…. I am using Chrome. I have used IE and Firefox earlier, but my new browser from Google beats both of them… It’s sooooo fast… There were times it dissapointed me. But a little tweaking has improved it’s performance in my PC. Now the latest version comes with Flash integrated and I am sure this will make life lot more easier for many of us. However I am not sure if my version can handle HTML 5 yet. I am using the Dev. version as I am using LastPass…

  • love chrome, using iron which is chromium based right now

  • Cosmo

    Why do you post a comparison that is far from being up to date? I don’t know exactly about Safari and IE, but Chrome, Opera and Firefox have all released newer stable versions. Why not compare those?

  • Google Chrome is a great browser indeed, waiting eagerly for Chrome 5, which includes many new features! 😉

  • By the way I forgot to mention this.

    Day Two: No One Even Attempts Hacking Chrome at Pwn2Own Competition

  • My best browser is Firefox, I have installed 4 browsers in my Comp, Firefox is default, Flock for social media and Opera for my personal use. And IE only to test if the CSS changes I made works on it 😀 I’m not interested in using Chrome.

  • Chrome might work out well for other users, but I have reverted back to Firefox. The reason being the extensive collection of add-ons which Google chrome extensions are not yet an alternative. Thanks for the share.Interesting read!

  • Howie D.

    This “benchmark” provokes me a bit and make me wonder: Why is the test based on updated versions of all browsers APART from Opera?

    Opera10.00 is a year old, current version is 10.51 and way faster than what is shown here.

    Is this just a marketing trick to make Chrome look good??

  • patrick122

    This points out IE as the true looser of web-browsers comparison 🙂

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  • seicean

    OMG! Internet Explorer sucked at all tests?

  • Shri

    Are you kidding me? I was an avid Firefox user for last 7+ years and now for last couple months almost exclusively use Chrome. the only times I use Chrome is when I have to use my Videodownloadhelper extension. IF that extension comes to Chrome, it is bye bye for Firefox.. IE Is a piece of garbage and only use when no other way out…

  • Shri

    “the only times I use Chrome is when I” should be replaced with “the only times I use Firefox is when I” 😉

  • Keith

    The Era of microsoft is over or ending
    The Era of google is just beginning