Do-follow Blogs List, Follow Them On Google Reader

We use do-follow as a term for Google or other search engines where they follow the links and provide the search ranking juice to that. But for new bloggers or internet surfers, it is really important that they should follow or read some blogs on daily basis and go thru their contents to see what’s new on these blogs. I mentioned in the title as do-folIow blog list because these are the blogs which should be followed on regular basis by new bloggers or Internet addicts. I go thru 500 – 600 blogs daily to get in touch with some latest updates and thoughts of different bloggers and that knowledge definitely helps me in my professional blogging career.


Here I have attached the XML format (OPML File) of a part of blog list which I follow as importable on Google Reader. This list is having blogs on Technology, Internet Marketing, SEO, Webmaster technique, Designing etc.You can import this XML on your Google Reader to subscribe it on single click. You can download the XML format file (in text) and start reading their latest posts on Google Reader. The above linked file name is google_reader_subscriptions.xml.txt, once the download completes , You can rename the file to google_reader_subscriptions.xml by removing the .txt extension so that you can import the XML file on Google Reader. Google reader can only import the files in XML format.

How To Import XML List (OPML) In Google Reader

To import the above attached list on your Google reader account, you just need to login to Google Reader with your Google Account and then go to the “Settings” option provided on top – right corner of Reader. Click on Settings and then go to the tab “Import/Export”.

Now select the downloaded XML file from your computer and import these blog’s latest feed on your Google Reader.

google_reader_opml_file Once the import process will complete, You will start seeing the blogs on left panel of Google Reader. You can arrange these blogs with different folders and tags to manage them well. Please share your thoughts about the list thru comment section.

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.
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