Download And Use Unstable Version Of Chrome For Mac & Linux

chromeRecently Google released a new version of Chrome for Windows which is even 30% faster than the older version but still they didn’t come up with the Chrome for Mac operating system. If you are a Mac user and ready to take a chance with unstable chrome then download the same from Build for Linux is also available on the same link. Chrome browser for Mac and Linux are still unstable and may show some unexpected results on your machine.

Screenshot of Google Chrome for Mac


The file is of 12 MB in size and will not take more than 4 minutes to get downloaded. The same kind of build is available for Linux as well. Then go ahead and use the google chrome on Linux as well as Mac. The feel about tabs, home page etc are similar to the windows version.

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  • I just was forced to move to Ubuntu due to a Windows install that kept overheating due to a dying fan. It still worked but the CPU overheated with running my browser OS on W2K.

    I was in the middle of a million dollar launch and another very lucrative deal on the phone. I had just added Ubuntu as a dual boot partition the week before.

    I cussed out Steve Ballmer, found my cigarettes, rebooted to Ubuntu, fired up Firefox and was on line in 30 seconds. Total elapsed time: 2 minutes. (Ballmer is just plain handy when you need to cuss someone out)

    Since I run my entire online business thru the browser I had no lag time, laughed allot at my dumb luck and now run Unbuntu full time. Saved my business and my whole life.

    Two deals I had been working on for the last 6 months could have gone down the drain without my main machine being up. Sure we have a Vista lappy in the house, but my assistant works on that and it takes the two of us working in tandem to get these kind of days to go smoothly.

    Besides, Margie (my personal assistant) is not very nice if I even look at her machine, so that makes 3 life savers all in one day due to dumb luck on my part and Linux.

    Can’t wait to see Chrome on my new Linux machine, it screams on the Vista lappy, what will it do on Linux?

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