Email in Indian Languages Like Hindi Tamil Telugu Marathi on Gmail

Communicate with your friends and family thru email written in your local languages. Gmail provided an option to write an email in Indian languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada and Malayalam. This will boost the email market of Gmail by a huge amount because this way the reach can extend to the remote areas of India.gmail_indian_language_1

People always prefer to talk in their local language, and they understand the message properly. If you are in India, the option for writing in Indian Languages will appear by default but if it is not there just go to the Settings and enable it from Language Section. The Indian Language icon will look like,


For writing a word in local language, you need to type it in English but not the correct one. Type the word “Socha” for “Thought” in English. Give a space and that will be converted into your selected language (Hindi). Before writing the mail, You will have to click on the Indian languages icon appearing on left side of the toolbar. It is very simple to write in local languages, I tried with Hindi and it worked,


As Hindi is an option for language on Gmail, You can use that to write an email in Marathi or other Devnagri based languages. I got a reply from my friend in Marathi as well, Marathi is not a separate option provided there in Gmail but you can write the same by choosing Hindi as your language and write the terms of Marathi (as we did for Hindi),


Google started the “Google Bus Service” to educate Indians living in remote areas about Internet and its usage. Now they provided the option to write an email in Indian Languages on Gmail. They are targeting new users on Internet to addict them with Google Products which is going good till now.

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  • Great blog. Do you know of any relevant marketing forums or discussion groups?

  • Looks like you are a google fan – Like many others, I was waiting so long for email and chating in Marathi but when it came in reality, honestly I found it difficult to use perhaps because for so many years we are set to do it only in English.

  • sadanand m dixit

    there is no A in marathi in my pc on gmail toolbar.I tried to create it with the help of verious links and options of setings but I could not. please help.
    sadanand dixit

  • sadanand m dixit

    help me to set up A in marathi on gmail toolbar I tried very hard with help windows but failed
    sadanand dixit