Google Adsense Account Must Be Integrated With Google Analytics

If you are monetizing your blog with Google Adsense and tracking it thru Google Analytics then go ahead and integrate both to take a look in deeper side of monetization. Google Adsense and Analytics can be integrated with each other so that you can keep an eye on your referral links thru which you are earning maximum revenue or other sources of income thru Adsense.

integrate_adsense_analyticsGoogle Analytics tells about the source of incoming traffic and popular keywords and at the same time Google Adsense tells you about the revenue generated thru CPC. Once you will integrate Google Adsense and Analytics, you would know the source of traffic thru which the user clicked on the Adsense ads and generated revenue for your site or blog. You can also track the keywords which attracted users to hit on an ad provided by you on your blog.

How To Integrate Google Adsense And Analytics

Integration of Google Adsense and Analytics is very simple, You should have Google Adsense and Analytics on same Google Account. Now log in to your Adsense Account and then click on “Integrate your AdSense account with Google Analytics” on Report Overview page. Now step by step execution of automated program will link your Google Analytics with Adsense. If you are attaching with Primary domain then no need for another tracking code at all.

Here is a YouTube video to show you the integration of Google Adsense and Analytics,

There are lot many benefits of integrating these two products but the most important one is that you can now track the page views and income at single place.

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  • I have done it when this system was first introduced by Google and It has seriously helped to learn more about my earning and visitor behavior and statistics.

  • I have merged the two account for a few months now, and it has been great. Although I was a bit skeptical at first, but I have found it has saved me a lot of time – I only need to log in once.

  • @Johnluffa Yes, it really save a lot of time as one can browse the data relates to adsense in deeper way on analytics. Thanks for posting your thoughts.

  • I was never more delighted to see those 2 integrated. Saves time and easy on analyzing our contents with earnings. A must-do for all Google Adsense users, you’ll find a lot of advantages knowing how well your post/site has progressed according to your goals.

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  • @Ching Ya I totally agree with you as adsense users will definitely love the integration.