Google Adsense Payment Schedule and Check Arrival Time in India

google adsense I am a big fan of Google Adsense and a good part of my incomes comes thru Adsense Advertisements on my different sites. Till this month my earning on Adsense was put on hold but last month I released my payment from there and got my first adsense check. I had put the payment on hold because I wanted a respectable amount delivered as a check at one time. If you are waiting for or planning to release your Adsense check ( or cheque) then you should go ahead and read the below mentioned Payment Schedule and other important dates for Adsense users.

Important Dates related to Google Adsense


Adsense Earning Report gets updated  -  5’th of every month

You may hold or release payments by  -  15’th of any month

Payment get processed by  -  25’th of that Month (If crossed Threshold of $100)

In India, Check will reach to you between  -  3’rd – 6’th of next Month

In Secured Delivery Option  -  between 30’th and 1’st of coming month

In India, Adsense checks get delivered thru Blue Dart Courier Service. Don’t depend on the mobile number as the envelop carrying your check may not have your mobile number (even if you have specified that on Adsense account) and that’s why the courier guy will not be able to give you a call (if not find you on specified address). So make yourself available on the probable delivery dates (as mentioned above) or make sure anyone from your family is available to receive the same.

Adsense checks are issued from Mountain View office of Google. That’s why it takes around 7 – 8 days to reach India. So in case your payment report is showing the payment issued date as 26’th on this month then you may expect that the check will reach you by 3’rd or 4’th of next month.

If you have any question or concern related to Adsense payments and delivery then you may check “Adsense Support” facility or you may ask your questions thru the below comment system. I will try to answer your questions as much as I can.

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  • Cool.. So What is the amount you r receiving thru Adsense for the first time..

  • As per Adsense TOS, I can’t share the exact amount but I can give you a close hint for the same. I got $1,XXX.XX as my first check thru Adsense and I am really impressed with the performance of adsense on Internet Techies in previous as well as this month.

  • wat if i am absent wen d courier comes. will the courier company send it back to google?

  • Hi Sanjeev
    this is my first comment on this blog and I hope to comment again. This blog is really interesting with alot of topics. I found you through @commentluv on twitter… make money online using with media buying using banner ad blueprint

  • Yes, it goes back to google and the amount will re-appear in your adsense account after deduction of some fee amount.

  • Gayathri Guru

    Im in hyderabad and i would like to make money through google ad sense…..or any of those google wrok from home options…..can u please tell me where from i can find the procedures and does it work really…..thanks in advance

  • I have a questions? Even the total amount of earnings, displaying is violating the TOS of Adsense or not? thanks in advance

  • Hi Gayathri,

    Google Adsense works perfectly but the condition is that you should have a nice platform (blog or html site). Once you start getting some traffic on your site, you can apply for adsense program. Once that will get approved from Google, you can start running ads on your site. Now if your visitor will click on those ads, you will get paid. Many people including me are getting benefited with google Adsense program. Let me know in case you need more info in this regard

  • Thanks Sanjeev for sharing more info about working of Adsense, As I am a part-time Indian blogger this info is so helpful for me, I tried Adbrite before Adsense approval as well as got one check from them also, I am from rural area so it was a big thing for me.

  • i love google Adsense, it enables me to earn money on the websites and forums that i have put up several years ago. if you got tons of websites, you can earn a lot from Adsense alone

  • Naresh

    About payment from google…

    Can we not arrange it so that google transfers the money electronically to our back account, instead of sending cheques? I had read somewhere that this option is available.

  • Wow I don’t know about this google adsense before after I read this post. How can you earn money from this? Well from what i’ved read from the comments I must have a website and if I add some ads on my site I would be getting some income? Is that how it works?

  • My blog is not getting approved from last 1 yr for Adsense

    i think it is domastic
    people r viewing my blog

    why google is not permitting ???

    pls mail me for this blog approval

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  • kiran p patel

    i can’t receiv my adsense PIN number for 2month

    plz help me


    any body has ideas about highpaying keywords that will increase your adsense earnings from .15$ to 2%$-5$ per clicks.

  • I have got my adsense account approved. But i am not able to make money from adsense. What should i do? i have started a small forum website What do i do to get more traffic.

  • dear Himanshu, u cant access adsense first though blogs.if u have any blog plz register with a .com domain.adsense’ll be approved only through domians.u hve to pay $10 for it.
    and ths information for all youngsters…no one can get huge amount from adsense.their hv some tips nd trackings. only u’ll get money if u hve any top trafic site like ma site,through ths i’m getting $3000 pm..

  • you can easily earn lots of dollars from adsense if you have a high traffic site.,*:

  • samuel

    want to be creative in google ad sense thank you

  • I’m impressed!! Really informative blog post here my friend. I just wanted to comment & say keep up the quality work. I’ve bookmarked your blog just now and I’ll be back to read more in the future my friend! Also nice colors on the layout, it’s really easy on the eyes.

  • Hello, many, many thanks for taking the time to share.. It was useful for my team. Thanks for all of your hard work!



    Iam residing in Hyderabad and I want to start the google adsense.Where can I get the details.

    Please send the details to my mail ID


  • Hi,
    On Google Adsense, you will find lots of information on official website and help center. is the official page where you will find everything related to the same. For videos related to Adsense, browse the adsense channel on YouTube.

  • my first check was issued on feb-24/2011. when it will reach me in india . (hyderabad ).

  • I should reach by 5 – 6’th March