Google Buzz Button WordPress Plugin Released

google-buzz If you are looking for a Google Buzz button to add into your WordPress site then we have released the first WordPress plugin exclusively for Google Buzz Button. By using this simple button, one can share your posts, pages on his/her Google Buzz account and that way the reach of your posts will increase by a huge amount.

Google has not released any official button yet but you can start using this button to let your visitors share he link and title of your posts. This is a Digg or Facebook like button which will help your blog in getting more exposure. This button can be used for Sharing purpose as well because when someone will click on this button, he will be redirected to a page where he can enter a note about your post’s link and title and then he can select to share that post on Google Reader sharing option.

Go ahead and download the Google Buzz Button WordPress Plugin from our dedicated page for this plugin. You can add the button on your post either by automatic insertion or manual insertion. Details about the template tag and usage for this plugin is provided on the dedicated page.

Download Google Buzz Button WordPress Plugin

Post your thoughts / views / feedback about this release thru comment section.

  • Cool… I think you are the first

    I think you should also add the SLIM version…. like the one techcrunch is using…

  • Awesome, I will make a try – thanks for your effort on making this widget – cheers Tejaswini you rocks!

    [Founder of]

  • You are really fast. I believe this is the first google buzz button on the internet for wordpress. I will be adding it to my blog in 1 or 2 days time. Thanks

  • very great find Tejaswini

  • Hi Sanjeev,
    Nice to see that Google Buzz is rocking with your plugin on the blogs.
    Congrats !!

  • Hi Sanjeev,
    Nice to see that Google Buzz is rocking with your plugin on the blogs.
    Congrats !!

    you must develop the plugin for Shout It at shoutmeme[dot]com

  • Great plugin guys – I see Mashable have already upped their game and now already have a counter on their ‘Buzz This’ button… Will this be available in due course?

    Thanks again, I have credited your plugin on my Blog now.

  • Another excellent button.

    But, I need to tweak my blog’s theme to use this plugin.. will check the dedicated page..cheers!

  • I have been using digg,facebook,retweet buttons.
    Now adding this button .

  • you can use buzz on mobile phone, and now this thing.. google done it again..

  • Cool, now it will become compulsory with tweet me button. 🙂

  • Definitely a great plugin. i am downloading it and will use it

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  • Great Plugin For WordPress, Definitely work for my blog thanks.

  • nice plugin.. i guess if u can make it much more small.. will be compatible