7 Google Chrome Extensions You Must Have

Google Chrome Extensions are here and really doing great. If you are thinking about what is Google Chrome extension and how to install then (eligibility), then read our coverage on Google Chrome Extension launch. There are loads of extensions released by different parties but here we are going to take 7 extensions which you should install on your google chrome to make your life much easier.


Requirement: You must have Google Chrome Developer Version or ahead

Gmail Checker

We already talked bout this extension which will show you the number of your latest unread mails in Gmail account. You can click on that icon to launch Gmail on Chrome browser.

gmail_checker_extension Download Gmail Checker Extension

Facebook Notification Checker

Social Media addicts should use Facebook notification extension which shows the current notification (if any) on your browser. This really helps in tracking the notification quickly.


Download Facebook notification Checker

Google Wave Checker

Google Wave users who got invitation for Google Wave uses, they should have this extension to get the latest messages on wave. This extension will show the number of unread messages on status bar of Google Chrome.


Download Wave Extension for Chrome

Reader Checker

I use Google Reader for reading newsletters and latest updates on blogs. I am sure lot many of you uses the same. Those who keep track on updates on other blogs should must have this extension on their chrome browser.


Download Google Reader Checker Extension

Chromed Bird

Twitter users (many of us) can use Chromed Bird to tweet from the browser at any point of time. Install this awesome extension and start tweeting from the browser itself.


Download Chromed Bird Extension

PageRank Status

Check the PR (Page Rank) of the opened site on browser. There are many plugins for Firefox for the same purpose, but here is an extension for the same on Google Chrome which is really faster and reliable.

chrome_pagerank Download PageRank Status Extension

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.
  • Hi Sanjeev,
    Google Chrome is one of the best web browser for me.I like it due to its light time load.
    I was looking its extensions but thanks to you for sharing it with the thirsty people like me.

  • Hi Surender, I totally agree with you on chrome speed, it is my favorite browser too. Thanks for posting your comments here.

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  • i think google is already a king of the market in many lucrative fields and he must give some scope for other too. but meanwhile i support google for its endeavor as they always come up with the best in the world….so thumps up to google..as well as you, your articles are always gr8 and full of information…

  • I started using Chrome when it was launched just because it said Google Chrome :D, but now I think it is the best browser ever! Plus now it has amazing extensions! Thanks

  • Diana Ķēme

    “The most useful” is an overstatement.
    I don’t use Facebook, Twitter, and don’t care about page ranks.
    Wave is its infancy, so no point of having an icon for it as well.