Google Homepage Does Not Validate On W3C Validator

I just got surprised to know that is not a valid XHTML page. But yes, it is true, you can yourself check it on the W3C validator.

Here is the explanation by Matt Cutts, head of Google’s webspam team, about why the Google homepage is not a valid HTML5 (or XHTML) document.

Matt Cutts says:-

1) It is not like Google developers cannot make the page valid, but as the site is opened on numerous  browsers and devices, there are lot many factors involved

2) It is not like Google boosts the sites with valid XHTML source while crawling, as there are many sites on web which are not with valid html source.

Watch the video and let us know your comments on it.

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  • sudleyplace

    W.r.t the question about why Google’s home page (and its search results) don’t pass W3C validation, in my opinion, Matt Cutts’ explanation was spurious. For some reason he thinks that because there are a lot of pages that don’t validate, that should let him off the hook. There are also a lot of pages on the web that are poorly designed — that’s no excuse for doing a poor job yourself.

    Standards are useful for many reasons, not the least of which is if you aren’t standard then you have no right to complain if your page doesn’t render well on any browser.

    Google is the big gorilla in the room, so they should set a good example. How can we expect any web page to support W3C validation when Google ignores it.

    Just do it!