Google PR (Page Rank) Update Done, Internet Techies Now PR3

Google has started the Page Rank (PR) update process and many bloggers, webmasters  are having the blast right now. We had already told in our previous update that Google is planning to update the PR by end of October 2009 and they have completed the process as per the schedule.

Google PR Update Oct 2009, Cheers

Good news from our side is that now Internet Techies is PR3. We were expecting more from Google uncle but this time we would have to settle with PR3 from PR2. Here is the list of some of my friend bloggers who’s PR got updated today:



Steal Ideas

Internet Job Scams

…… and many more

Congratulations to all bloggers, webmasters for the outcome of their hard work. Please let us know if your blog’s or related site’s PR changed on this big day. Don’t mention the URL in comment text box, you may enter the URL of the updated site in “Website” box of comment section. I will update the list on EOD for next 5 days.

Update: Internet Techies is now PR#4

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.
  • We were expecting more from Google uncle 😀 I thought Google is a Female 😀 GOogle Aunty 😀

  • Congrats, on increase of PR. Mine is still 0 no change in it.

  • Same Pinch Sanjeev ! 😀

    Glad to see some Good News from Mr.Google ! 😉

  • Mine changed from 0 to one….
    Atleast got rid of that Zero from Google…
    Anyways Congrats Sanjeev…

  • @Akshay Congratulations buddy, keep up the good work

  • @Sahil Hope for the best and keep working on your blog. You have a nice blog and you are doing really well. Keep you fingers crossed and build some nice links.

  • Even my page rank increased from PR1 to PR2

  • Congratulations , wish you best of luck in next update too.
    Mine is unchanged at PR2.

  • @Ruchi Thanks a lot and wish you all the best for next update. Choosyinfo is doing great and will definitely get PR update next time.

  • @John Congratulations buddy

  • Mine is PR zero. My blog is still very new.
    But according to one PR tool my website is PR1.
    Just enter my domain name in this one Why this tool is showing PR1 but all other is showing PR0.

  • @Rahul I checked your page on google toolbar and it is showing PR#0. The tool you mentioned here is bit broken and it shows predictions.

  • Congrats for your fruits of your Hard word, Sanjeev and Tejaswini! Good going. Even I got a Pr hike of 2. My PR rose from 0-2 . It had went down to zero when I shifted to wordpress.

  • Well, I got an update of PR 0 to PR 3 for my blog. Congrats for your PR buddy

  • Congratulations buddy. BlogPro is really cool and you deserve these updates for your hard work.