Google Showing Different Sitelinks For Same Website in Different Countries

Google Sitelinks are well known term to all of us and recently we reported that our blog got sitelinks as well from Google. Sitelinks appears under Webmaster Central as well where you can turn-off them for 90 days and again turn them ON. But the most amazing part is that, Google shows different sitelinks in different geographical locations and even in webmaster tool.

Here is the screenshot of google search done for the term “Internet Techies” in Google India Search page,


Sitelinks generated here are same as what I see in my webmaster tool. But when I did the search in Google Australia, it shows different sitelink for my blog which are even not visible under webmaster tool. Here is the screenshot of Google Search done for the same term i.e. “Internet Techies”,


Here is the screenshot from Webmaster Tool where you can see the older sitelinks shown on India page but still not reflecting the latest sitelinks.


When I tried to find out the reason behind this behavior, the culprit was unsynchronized data on Google servers and the last updated date on webmaster tool. Actually it takes time for Google to update different servers about the sitelink information. That’s why it takes time for sitelinks to appear on webmaster tool as well as on different geographical location search page. If you are getting sitelinks in your webmaster tool and not able to find out those links on Google search page then wait for couple of days, you will definitely see them appearing.

Update: Google just updated the sitelinks in Google India page as well.

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Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.
  • Yep ! i am also seeing different sitelinks of my site …. and spmetimes i don’t see sitelinks at all and the next morning i see them again. I don’t understand on what basis Google generate Sitelinks . Any idea ?

  • Hey Amit, Actually it takes time to reach your sitelinks on different server locations. Initially sitelinks gets on particular server and then start spreading on others. Initially if that particular server got down because of some issue or maintenance, you will not see your sitelinks but as days pases, sitelinks spreads to other servers as well and then you will not face the problem.

  • Nice article buddy..

    And I got the sitelinks visible in Webmaster tools after asking Google to reconsider the site.. 🙂

  • Thanks a lot Pradeep.

  • Sitelinks are given to Most Viewed or Clicked Pages ….. Country based search engines like google send people based on keywords …. so click thru activity of a user coming from search is different in different countries.. Hence the different sitelinks.

    For my blog,
    google . com shows “Hermione Grows Up” as the top sitelink
    google . co. in shows “Automatically Download from rapidshare” as top sitelink.

    This is because I have seen I get good visits for “Hermione Grows Up” from domain…

    Similarly “Automatically Download from rapidshare” is the most visted page I get from google’s domain…

    This can be tracked by sitemeter referrer tools…

  • Thanks Debu for posting these details here.

  • That helped. Thanks Man !

  • That is a good Logic Debu ! The fact is why they vanishes after a couple of weeks and then reappear again if “traffic” is the only issue ? The sitelinks of my pages have received constant traffic anyway.

  • Of Course traffic isn’t the only factor…. but traffic is the main factor… It doesn’t depend on the no. of visits. It depends on the volume and the percentage of the click thru….

    One might have a result of top 3 in google for a keyword… that definately gives good traffic…

    But in case of a keyword for which you may not be top3 but still get more clicks than the top results then google automatically marks it as valuable link to your site.

    Sitelinks sometimes when some other page in your blog gets more click thru (not traffic).

    PS: The new gravatar pic is nice…..

  • Thanks Debu for the Know how and the compliment 🙂