Is It Google Chrome OS?

Google Chrome OS has already created too much hype on Internet and now someone sent couple of screenshots of Google Chrome OS to Mashable team. Mashable’s Pete Cashmore released those screenshots on his blog where one can see that it is going to have all the application from Google in very handy manner.

We don’t know whether it is real one or fake and it is up to you to decide that as well. Thanks Pete for sharing these on Mashable.

Here are some of the screenshots,



Share your thought about this first look of Chrome OS thru comments section.

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  • My husband uses google chrome and swears by it. he gets ‘annoyed’ when he uses my comp and i have ie. I am not a fan of all the tabs, and the page when they are opened. maybe I am looking for an excuse to keep things the way they are. lol. but i have windows 7 and i love it, i think it pretty much does to ie what google chrome does.

  • Chrome is a nice browser (really fast), but Microsoft did a great hob in IE8 which is also very good. You can keep using IE8 on Windows 7. 🙂