Read The Famous Book : The Adsense Code By Joel Comm For Free

Joel Comm is a famous author of one of the best seller book on Making Money with Google Adsense. The book was named as “The Adsense Code – What Google Never Told You About Making Money With Adsense”. Now you can read this book for free on Google Books.

reading_bookGoogle Books is a free portal where lot many scanned version of famous books are available. I used the term scanned but that is actually they are extracted by a process known as “Optical Character Recognition (OCR)” so that Google Book Search can work on them. The most important thing about Google Books is that it is also available for Android and iPhone users.


Now back to “The Adsense Code”, it is really a worth reading book for every publisher who uses Google Adsense to make money online. Below is the name of chapters included in this book,

1. Getting Started With Google Adsense
2. How To Tweak Your Ads To make Them Click
3. Using Colours To Increase Your Click
4. How To Maximize Visibility And Response
5. Making Bucks With Blog
6. What To do Before You Apply To Google Adsense
7. Other Contextual Advertising Programs
8. Getting Traffic To Your Website

…… And many more chapters dedicated to Search Engine Optimization, Adsense and Website Traffic. This book was released in year 2006 but still effective in many ways. I will strongly recommend all bloggers and publishers who uses Google Adsense to go thru this book to get some hidden truth about how to use it to get maximum revenue.

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Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.
  • ZXT

    Thanks Sanjeev for sharing this ebook! I don’t have adsense yet in my blog but I think I need this so I can apply it when I put adsense later on.

  • I dont have google adsense yet but it will really help me in future. Thanx for sharing it.

  • @Ricky Definitely this book will help in better earning thru Google Adsense.

  • Adsense always fascinate me and I would love to read more and more on it. Thanks for sharing this useful book.. Now lemme read it and see what it got.. 🙂

  • @Harsh Thanks for providing your feedback over here, Adsense is really great and believe me this book is having some really nice tips related to money making online.

  • Really, I have just begun earning from Adsense and I want to maximize my earnings with it. I am excited to get the meat of those 8 chapters. Thanks Sanjeev.

  • Thanks for the useful information