Speed Tracer – Diagnose a Web Application for Sluggish Act

speed-tracer Google has released a Chrome Extension named Speed Tracer to keep an eye on Web Applications for sluggish act. There are lot many web applications available on Internet and the number is increasing rapidly. But what if some of the web apps are not loading quickly and taking so much time for Scripts to execute etc. Now developers can trace the reason behind those issues and rectify the problem.

Speed Tracer is available for free download and installation on Google Chrome Developer version. To run this extension, you will have to run the Chrome developer version with a flag as “–enable-extension-timeline-api”. To run Chrome with this flag, you can set the flag in “Target” box of Chrome Shortcut Properties on Windows. Here is the screenshot of the set flag on shortcut properties of Chrome.


Download Speed Tracer Extension

Now install Speed Tracer extension from the link provided below. Once the installation will complete, a new icon will start appearing on your chrome browser besides the address bar. Click on that to diagnose any web application. Here is the video tutorial for Speed racer,

Speed Tracer in Action

Speed Tracer Panel

speed_tracer_optionsSpeed Tracer is having a nice graphical representation of showing whether the app is acting sluggish. Timeline window is a nice tool to show the time consumed in opening that app. This is of course a nice tool added in Google Web Tool kit.

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  • Dont know why, but these days google is forcing everybody to optimize their pages for speed. The other day, i read , speed will matter in search results and their is option to check speed in webmasters tool also.

  • Optimizing for speed is good for everyone – not just Google. Hopefully this helps to get some good practices back in web development.

  • I totally agree wit you Chris and always encourage my clients for optimization of code. It is really important for web.

  • Yeah. That’s the problem. Google is rewarding you if you have a fast blog only…However, I bet, if you have a look at your Google Webmaster tool I bet that your blog is slower than 70-80 percent of blogs around…In my opinion the Web Master tool is not accurate at ALL!