10 Steps To Convert Your Laptop into Desktop at Low Investment

Laptops are essential for people who travel a lot and need access to the computer for web browsing, presentations etc. But at home, Desktop is the best choice as the keyboards and mouse combination is really great to work faster and even the bigger monitor really looks cool. Some people may find laptops better than desktops but at home I think desktops are most effective, productive and stable than laptops.

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Convert Laptop into DesktopIf you are having a laptop for traveling purposes but feel more comfortable on desktop at home then no need to invest so much on a new desktop. You may go for a complete desktop after certain period of time and right now can convert your existing laptop into desktop and work on that. Here is how to convert a laptop into desktop:

1. To convert a laptop into a desktop, you need below mentioned items:


2. Attach the monitor VGA Chord to the VGA port of the laptop

3. Insert the power chord of monitor into power plug

4. Attach USB chord of keyboard into the USB port of laptop

5. Insert USB chord of mouse into USB port of laptop

6. Start the laptop, and login with your windows ID

7. Right click on laptop and go to the display properties. Now select monitor 2 from the list of monitors on settings page.

8. Now you can see your applications running on bigger monitor. You can use your keyboard and mouse for their purposes.

9. (Optional) If you don’t want to buy a monitor then go for different stands available for laptops which will make the laptop screen straight at the same height of your eyes. Ex. Oyster which costs $199 on Amazon.

Oyster Dock   Notebook Dock Station

10. Dock Station is also a good choice. As shown in above picture (right side) where one dock station is attached with the laptop which is having lot many ports to attach other peripherals like monitors, Ethernet, Routers, lot many USB devices etc. Above shown dock station will cost you $100 on Amazon.

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  • here is a great an great artile to convert a laptop to a desktop!!! Take a look http://amritbera.blogspot.com/2009/11/convert-laptop-to-desktop.html

  • Your article is really good but now a days laptops are coming with lot many new options thru which you can setup a desktop easily without so much effort.

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    it is good

    but i wonder if u know how to make portable pc

  • rehan khan

    i m a student of diploma computer science final year and my age 26 from middle class family,after joining to college i came to interact with computers. But how other students knows about computers i dont know that much because they came to know from their childhood.

    now my problem is i have already two desktop second hand pc’s 1. is p4 256 ram 40gb hard disk which is 10yrs old and another 2nd one pc is celeron(r) cpu 2.66ghz with 256ram 40gb harddisk which is 3yrs oldand celeron is faster than p4 but both r very slow comparing to todays generations pc. for example in p4 for opening 1 application it takes 3 minutes than in celeron it takes 1 and half minute

    and they both are very slow, p4 my dady uses and celeron i m using, what i want suggestion from u is i want to buy a high end desktop pc that is i7 with moniotor, cpu, keyboard mouse and its qoatation is near 60thousand. what i m confused is in todays era i7 is best from my thinking ability, but i took advices from friends they say if investing that much go for laptop. from my thinking i dont need laptop now, 1st i want to sell p4 which is too slow than Celeron, then i want to buy i7 desktop then after 1year if i go for furthur studies at that time i can buy or that time colleges will give laptops. and that time i can sell Celeron. my thinking is their should be 1 pc at home which should be high configuration than laptop what u say sir.

    i m totally confused and in tension from last 2 months that should i buy desktop i7 or go for laptop. and another thing is if i sell 1 of my pc which is p4 at 10 years back my father had taken it for 40 and i askd to selling rate, the shopkeepers say 4thousand.

    so what i should do i should sell my 1 of pc or not, if u say sell then which should i sell p4 or celeron. and tel me if i wnt to purchased which should i go laptop or desktop.

    plz plz plz plz plz plz plz……………….. think and reply as early as possible. think and reply like if u would be in my situation what u would do.

    your faithfully friend