My New Desktop with AMD Phenom II X4 945 Processor – Complete Configuration

Few days ago I had shared my plan of purchasing a new desktop for official purposes. Yesterday I executed that plan and finally purchased an Assembled Desktop with a powerful configuration. I am a big fan of AMD processors, and the reason why every system in my office and home is AMD based. As I promised you to share the complete configuration of my new system, here is the list of items and their details which are assembled in my new system.

AOC 18.5 Inch Monitor AMD Phenom II X4 945 Processor

Complete Configuration of my New Desktop

Parts and Items

Brand or Other Details


AMD Phonom II X4 945 Processor 3.00 GHz


ASUS M4A78-EM/1394

  •          Supports up to 16 GB System Memory

  •          Integrated ATI Radeon HD 3200 GPU

  •          Supports HDMI up to 1080P

  •          Supports DVI-D

  •          Dual VGA Output Support

  •          Audio – Realtek ALC887

  •          Supports up to 12 USB

Hard Disk

500 GB e-SATA Seagate

Memory (RAM)

4 GB DDR2 Kingston

Keyboard + Mouse



18.5 Inch AOC LED Monitor

·         ==> AOC is the manufacturer for DELL, HCL, Philips Monitors, Now they are selling own brand


LG Black

Operating System

Windows 7 Home Premium (32 bit)

·         ==> Planning to upgrade to 64 bit


In this configuration, I tried to get a powerful motherboard which should have expansion facilities like memory expansion for at least 8 GB and then much support for USB slots. Then my focus was on processor and that’s why I picked AMD Phenom II X4 which is equivalent to i5 processors from Intel.

Today I installed some urgent software on that system. Yesterday, I also purchased a Wireless router from Linksys. Specifically Linksys WRH54GH. Currently I am having one Windows XP Desktop, one Window Vista Laptop, one Ubuntu Desktop and one Windows 7 desktop. To share the internet connection on each of them and use the laptop from different places, I installed wireless router. I will share my experiences and learning from the installation and configuration of wireless router for these different operating systems.

Share your thoughts on my latest desktop purchase. FYI, I paid Rs. 28,400/- (INR) i.e. $620 (approximately) for this configuration.

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  • Mooohahaha…. I am glad that I found another AMD fan. In Sri Lanka where I live AMD processors are very cheap but not respected. May be I am the only AMD fan found in Sri Lanka. Because of AMD’s low price tag the merchants are unable to gain a high profit from those processors. Therefore they have convinced the consumers that AMD is a sort of crappy processor and go for Intel. Most of the time the poor consumers settle for “cache-less” Celeron.

    But I have my own PC which is built with a AMD processor. I have seen 4 laptop owners whose machines are running on AMD too. And those machines can stand up to the challenge of Intel. I have worked as an IT Manager for a Seminary for 6 years. One of my crucial tasks were to assemble PCs for different departments. After the arrival of AMD Sempron, Turion and Opteron, I always recommended AMD. Guess what, all the departments are happy.

    Why pay more while you can buy an AMD Processor for much less which is able to challenge the Intel products.

  • I agree with yohan the i5 and i 7 are over priced – gd idea getting a expandable mobo – I need to change mt processor its amd too – btw thanks for teh smooth slider its great

  • Great configuration usually i’m not an AMD user but overall configuration is gr8…

  • Prathamesh


    I was searching for the similar review on Phenom 945 processor. I’m using Autholon XP 2700 + ASUS A7N8X-VM. However, need some more details clarification w.r.t above configuration, on:
    1. Solution on Heating [Exisitng PC restart randomly in Summer (+45 celcius) & during heavy processing such 3D Max/virus scan with Norton]
    2. Processor-to-Motherboard bus speed compatability [How to?]
    3. RAM-to-Motherboard bus speed compatability [How to?]
    4. How to compate Hyer-Transport [AMD] with Hyer-Threading/iCore Processing [Intel]
    5. Resale value for AMD < Intel?


    Can anyone tell where can i find this AMD Phenom II X4 945 Processor – Complete Configuration in Gujarat and specially in baroda.ASAP

  • Herath

    You are not the only fan in Sri Lanka. 😛 . But I currently own a crappy Intel CPU. Very unsatisfied with it. And the Intel motherboard. No overclocking… nothing at all. Shit on Intel. 😀

  • Aruna

    I used AMD500, Athlon, Athlon XP and now AMD Phenom II 550 Black.