PayPal India New Fees Structure, No Free Receive Payments

paypal_india_taj PayPal India users were facing issues with PayPal withdrawal and personal payments, where finally local banks withdrawal is working fine but a new problem has come which is the latest fees structure specially designed for Indian users. If your account is in PayPal India then you will be paying fees for receiving payments even on your personal account. Previously the fee was taken in case of Premier account only but now they have changed the structure and taking huge fees on received payments.

Previously the fees structure was different for personal and premier accounts but now PayPal India has released the new fees structure with a common structure for both type of accounts. We have attached below the previous and the latest fees structure released by PayPal India.

Old Fees Structure


New Fees Structure of PayPal India


As you can see in above comparison, Receive Payments section was free for “Personal Accounts” users but now in new structure, PayPal is taking a fee of 3.9% + $0.30 USD from any type of account. That means you will have to pay transaction charges for receiving the payments. These changes occurred after RBI’s policy changes and Government of India’s restriction on PayPal operation. Any update from PayPal India is awaited on the new structure of transaction fees but you will have to change your service charges to reduce the effect of this new structure.    

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  • Now notice that people just got a mail from Papal India assuring me that the payment reversal and withdrawal problem will be resolved withing a day or two.

  • Things about paypal fees were always unclear to me. Now, things are well manfiest. I could now understand why paypal charged me and not my friend earlier.

  • PayPal was started as a free service.. but now.. money for everything.. 🙁

  • Its just an monopoly which is the root cause of this issue.
    Develop an alternative system which will be open source and will be able to compete with paypal.

    Regards ,

  • They charged me when one of my friend sent me cash to me. I did complaint about it but never got any response from that. I guess they should update the users with new features or policies.

  • Hi Sanjeev,
    Thanks to aware us with the latest updates of Paypal.But it’s looking that Paypal is changing the ways to earn more and more due to its more popularity and usability.It will also make new changes in future like No free accounts,No free transactions etc.
    Anyways hope for the best..

  • Sanjeev- It sucks that they’re doing that. I use PayPal quite a bit with my outsourcers and I don’t like the fact that they’re losing money on what they legally earn. Frustrating…

  • paypal is one of the best way, to make payments or transfer fund over internet.. by using this you have got a pretty good chance to keep your information secured.. but one must follow certain guide lines to keep themselve more secure against scams.. we know that, No body is perfect and paypal is no Exception…