Pranav Mistry in TED India (Video) – Genius behind 6’th Sense Technology

pranav_mistryTED India Conference held in Infosys Campus, Mysore between 4 – 7’th Nov 2009. There were lot many sessions over here on different subjects. One of them was on 6’th Sense Technology mixing physical world with digital world taken by Pranav Mistry – a well known MIT engineer. He talked about the technology he developed where your gestures can interact with computing world and let you do the stuff without any other input device than your gestures.

As shown in the demo of Sixth Sense technology, you can see how Pranav is making calls using screen on his palm which is a virtual screen. He is drawing pictures, checking videos on newspapers and playing with camera and pictures. This whole presentation shows that new ideas can comes thru your daily work.

According to Pranav,


He is gong to release the open source software for using this platform with some of the well known hardware.

I think this innovation has the potential to change the way we use computers today. It has the potential to make your life more digital without even using too many geeky hardware.

Pranav Mistry – TED India

Update – Paranav Mistry has released the software of sixth sense sense technology as open source. Majority of the code is written in C++ and C#. You can download the source code from this page.

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  • Great!!!
    Something that I had never even imagined.

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    It was amazing tis devuce could be sooner the world leader.This could be brought to India soon.

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    Awesome, keep it up Pranav. 🙂

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    Wow! I am speechless! He is on his way to getting a Nobel Prize!

  • I totally agree with you. He is a real genius.

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    Great, All the very best for him to devlop more of these things,

    I have seen similar sort of things in the movie “Minority Report” I actually thought this would not be possible, so it is a reality a now.

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    Iam really surprised by ur innovation.he’s really amazing, When watch his vedio its like dreaming the future India.he’s a genius. I really agree with him.He used the technology in a different manner and the result is wonderful.

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