Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ (plus) Unboxing, Package Details and Review

reliance_netconnect Internet users are increasing day by day in India and other parts of world, so companies are now being prepared to provide best wireless Internet experience to its users. In recent past, India has got lot many wireless service providers and initially they were providing an internet connection at speed of around 144 Kbps which was better than dialup but much lower than the broadband services. But now Reliance, Tata Indicom, Virgin Mobile etc. have launched wireless broadband services with much better speed.

Yesterday I purchased Reliance Netconnect Broadband+, a wireless broadband service data card from Reliance outlet. And I thought to share the unboxing experience with you all. In this post, you will get everything that you should know before and after purchasing Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ connection.

Wireless Broadband Providers and their product in India

  • Reliance Netconnect Broadband+
  • Tata Photon+
  • BSNL EVDO Card
  • Virgin Mobile vFlash

Why Reliance Netconnect BB+

Reliance is having coverage for Broadband+ in around 44 major cities in India and the best part is that if the Broadband+ is not available in your small city, you may use the 1X service which is there in around 25,000 small cities and more than 5 Lac villages. This will definitely help in in case of national roaming. Here is the upload/download speed in case of BB+ and 1X,

Broadband+ (plus) ==> 3.1 Mbps/1.8Mbps ==> You will get around 2Mbps/1Mbps

1X Datacard ==> 144 Kbps ==> You will get around 256 Kbps (Yes, higher than their claim)

I tested these two scenario in the same city by moving to a rural area and then tried in the main city as well.

Cost of Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ Datacard

Thank god, I am located in Pune, India. Regular price of Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ is Rs. 3,500/- but if you are in Pune of some other place where this offer is running, you will get this datacard at Rs. 1,999/-. Yes, I got it at Rs. 1,999/- only.

Unboxing Reliance Netconnect BB+

Here is the pictures which I took after opening the box of Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ Datacard. There are few options available for the datacard. i would suggest you to go for Huawei EC1260 datacard, You can choose “Black” or “White” as the color for the device. I went for “Black” device because I was suitable for my black laptop.

Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ Box


Box Open


Items in the Box


Finally I inserted the device in my Laptop’s USB port. An autorun program started installing on the system. The installation window is self explanatory and will take less than 2 minutes for installation. Once the installation will complete, you can see a new short cut icon named Reliance Netconnect appearing on your desktop. Now click on the icon and a new window will open. There you can see a button as “Connect”, Please don’t hit that button before activating the device. To activate the device, go to “Network Settings” under “Settings” tab. Enter your MDN number on UserID and Password section of the “Network Settings” panel. You can find your MDN number on the back side of the box. Now save the changes by clicking “Save” button on the same panel. If Userid and Password sections are not editable then click on “Edit” button on the same panel.

Now you need to “Activate” your MDN number to start using broadband. To do that click on “Activate” tab on the top menu. Now you can see a blank screen where you can type the things. Here you have to type *228 and click on “Activate”. Before doing this, turn on your speaker because you will be asked to enter a number after that. To hear that message, your speaker should be turned ON. Wait for a minute then you can see “Successfully Activated” message over there. Now close the application and restart the same from desktop. Now click on “Connect” to start using your Reliance Broadband+.

Netconnect Window


Pre-paid and Post-paid Tariff for Netconnect Broadband+

Reliance Broadband Netconnect is available in pre-paid as well as post-paid. Below attached are the pre-paid and post-paid tariff posted on Reliance Netconnect site but when you will go to the Reliance web world, you may get some cool offers which are not there on the site. These offers may change depending on your region. For example, I saw 3 months validity plan priced at Rs.1,500/- and with 6 GB data download limit. That means 2 GB per month with 3.1 Mbps, not bad.

Here are the plans posted on website and scanned copy of the pamphlet available in reliance web world in Pune where you can see some more plans.

Note: By the way, I got 10 GB free data usage for the first month. So I will consider these plans after a month only.

Pre-Paid Tariff posted on site


Post-Paid Tariff posted on site


Scanned copy of pamphlet from Reliance Web World


How to check usage details of Reliance Netconnect

There are different ways to track your usage details for Netconnect Broadband+ for Pre-paid and Post-paid users.

For Pre-paid users:


For Post-paid users:

  • Register yourself on this page by clicking on the “Register” button.
  • Add your Reliance Datacard from My Account section
  • Enter the PIN which you got in your email Inbox after adding the device
  • Now you can see usage details 

Till now my experience is really good with Netconnect. YouTube videos are playing without any pause and browsing experience is also very good. In coming future, they may reduce the charges a bit because of upcoming competition from Virgin Mobile, Airtel, Idea etc. Post your experience with Reliance or any other wireless broadband service in India.   

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  • In Sri Lankan where I live Wireless Broadband is a dream. Tariffs are so expensive. May be because the technology is very much new here and less popular. I hope the prices will come down in the near future….

  • Although, AirTel who landed here a year ago, sparked a lot of hopes in me as their tariff charges are very affordable, left me disappointed as the hardware is too expensive…

  • Hope you purchased the prepaid version. your unboxing cheer will be short lived. Once I purchased a net connect and my mother lost her sleep for three monhs. Now I avoid anything Reliance

  • jalahali

    Your article is really very nice and helpful. I just wanted to ask one thing. I’ve been using the BSNL EVDO modem near Sasane nagar, hadapsar and the speed is just horrible[the ad says its 2.4 Mbps, but i’m getting 4-8KBps, yes its just horrible and unacceptable]. I’m thinking of switching to Reliance. Do you have idea about the connectivity in this area or may be if you can provide some contact numbers who can help me asses the network connectivity in this area. I’m really frustrated with their service, though I’ve used it earier in Chennai and there i used to get around .5Mbps even if there used to just 2 tower signals[ here surprisingly I’m getting full towers but still speed is pathetic]. Please help me .

    Thank you.

  • Do they really works? I heard that they offer slow speed with less connectivity.

  • Hi Jalahali,

    I am also located in Pune (Near Nigdi) and getting speed around 1.2 – 1.6 Mbps which is good. I checked the wireless BB+ coverage area for Pune and it seems that the Hadapsar area is also covered. You can also take a look on coverage area at this link:

    I would suggest you to go to your nearest Reliance Web World and confirm with them before making any decision. I understand the pain of BSNL EVDO and that’s why I would suggest you to go to Reliance Web World and confirm about the speed and coverage. Reliance services are also full of issues (specially customer support) but they are only one having huge coverage with quality signal strength. Wish you all the best.

  • It is working fine for me and basically it depends on your location area whether the wireless BB+ is having coverage over there or not. I would suggest you to take a demo before buying the same. But if you are in a proper coverage area, you will definitely get good connectivity and speed. I watched 20 minutes YouTube video without any pause for buffering or streaming.

  • Good to hear that Wireless Broadband is coming to your country as well. I think gradually people wil start using that and then few more companies will land and then price war will start. Fingers crossed.

  • Ashutosh Bhawasinka

    I have reliance netconnect card (different one from the one shown above). It’s black/red/silver color.
    Since Reliance got this stuff developed by Lucent Technnologies and my sister works in Lucent, I also got it for INR 2000.’

    Few things which I don’t like about it are

    a) They sell 3G in the name of 2G
    b) The netconnect card really suck during evening time. Sometimes it doesn’t even connect.
    c) I can’t really understand how a company as big as Reliance just accept a poorly developed software (the software that comes with/on the net connect device). The application installs a stupid windows service – which is totally useless (I disabled it). Secondly, see the name of the applications, its named as “apps.exe” and the exe file has no description, company name and not digitally signed. It looks like an application developed by school going boy.

  • Ashutosh Bhawasinka

    forgot to mention, once I called up customer care in the evening as it wasn’t connecting, it took me more than 30 minutes to get to the customer care. And finally the customer care representative said that it’s peak time and we have lots of users, so please try after some time. 🙁

  • Ajit

    What is the signal strength you get at Nigdi? .. At Hadpsar I am getting 3 ..
    When i had demo I got a speed of 700Kbps .. after taking the new connection I am getting a speed somewhere around 140Kbps …

    But its not a Constant speed .. there is a variation .. but i am not getting less than 140 Kbps.

  • Pratim

    i have purchased reliance netconnect on 20th march, activated within an hour, costing Rs. 2300/- i am from kolkata, my residence is near ballygunge station, kasba. very good service, connection speed may varry from 1.5 mbps to 2.5 mbps, downloaded songs 8 mb near about 30 seconds, 350 mb video file within 50 mins, youtube video without any buffering, continuous and smoothe, but have not yet received my first bill (i am a postpaid customer), regularly wathch the data usage from their web site, good customer care. my plan is 3 gb day and 10 gb night rs. 1049 minus rs 200 every month for 12 months. so the effective rental would be rs. 849 per month. if you start in the day session i.e. 6 am to 10 pm it will be considered as day usage so discnnect the connection before 10 pm and re-connect it after 10 pm…if you connect within 10pm to 6am and ue it after 6 pm without disconnecting then your usage will be charged as night session so in my case i can use it after 6 am without disconnecting and can avail the 10gb night limit. but still waiting for the unlimited plan….

  • Priyanshu

    I’am using Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ in Lucknow and the speed is really amazing. Incredible download and upload speed, good network, good roaming facility and most importantly its customer care service is not bad at all, as far as I have experienced. Their customer care executive replied each and every time whenever i made a call to them, even when I send any of my query through mail they replied within 24hrs.


  • Hi I am from patiala I am trying to buy reliance netconnect it’s price is 2299 Rs. but if I go for prepaid then nobody giving me USB modem also charging me 3500 Rs. What I do ?

  • Pratim Dey

    hi joginder,
    in kolkata the prine of net connect broadband+ is Rs. 2300/- both in pre-paid and post paid, but they insist you to take any post paid plan, i have purchased post paid for me and pre paid for my friend. so you may purchase it @2300 and recharge it for any pre paid plan.

  • mohit

    i purchased the netconnect broadband plus just 2 days back for only 2300rs and it is giving me great speeds and the experience is amazing … 3.1 mbps is just the max speed you dont get it but even then the speeds are great … videos are streaming without buffering and the downloads are also very fast … i love it … the tariffs are also reduced … its great
    and Joginder just go to a reliance world you can get a list of reliance world center near you on

  • swaroop

    my data card it is telling that error 691 : access was denied because the username and/or password was invalid on the domain place help me

  • gokula

    i bought a new reliance modem for 3,500 rs 4 month before,it is really fuc..during peek hour speed is very very low .when i approached for this reason they told me that thet are having towers only city centre so i like to transfer this modem to my friend for this they are charging 600 rs .so i terminate their contract offcourse i did nt paid 1 month bill because they wont refund modem charge too(3,500 rs).after 3 month now they sended notice from court they mention i want to pay 2500 Rs.i paid this amount immeditely but now i dont know where to put this modem ? i thought of put this modem into mukesh ambani daughter hole but it not worthy too(Really)atleast after this ambani group want to stop all this shit.please dont choose reliance group itis really fraud etc,etc……

  • Prabhakar Singh

    I have been usung it in Mumbai for last one month without any problem. But today it is not taking my user name or password and I am unable to access internet. There is no way to move any further. What should I do ? Please guide. It is very urgent.

  • eric cartman

    im also using reliance wiresless bb+. yesterday when i try to connect some error was there debbuger thread terminated or something like that so i called up customer care and asked how much gb i had left.. and the guy answered saying i had no more balance then he told me to recharge . but the same night i can connect the net again..what does this mean?? are they going to charge me xtra for every mb i use now? i told the guy to disconnect it when i used up my blance. are they trying to cheat me ? is anyone facing the same problem ?

  • pramod

    hi i am from visakhapatnam . i bought reliance netconnect+ postpaid.can i change to prepaid ?if s how it canbe and how do i change my tariff plan ?whether i have to mail to any email addrs regarding to change of plan?
    presently im in 3gb+10gb plan
    plz help me out!!!!

  • pramod

    hi i am from visakhapatnam


    I think bb+ is great but its rate plan should be unlimited so that we can download every thing without fear

  • gurkirat

    hey u might have got a box in wich the device was . on the front of the box their would be a number wriitten named mdn { please do not include 0} this would b your id and password

  • Ashutosh Kumar Bhawasinka

    Yesterday I took a BSNL 3G connection and believe me it’s really great. Far far better than Reliance netconnect.

    I have taken a BSNL 3G prepaid sim but have not taken their data card as I already have a high end phone (Nokia N97). So, I can connect to Internet using my phone. Even if you take the BSNL data card, you need to buy a sim (without voice plan) for that and the rate plans for data services are same. So, it doesn’t matter which device you use to connect.

    Coming to services, BSNL’s internet speed is amazing, I was downloading at over 300KB (it’s Kilo Bytes not bites). I also have a reliance netconnect data card and I compared the download speed, reliance sucks as compared to BSNL.

    I compared Reliance and BSNL by these things:
    Opening the same YuTube video – using reliance netconnect, the video went into buffering mode again and again. Then I cleared the browser cache connected through BSNL, no buffering and totally smooth play.

    Secondly, I tried to download a file from microsoft’s website using a download manager (flashget), the download speed in BSNL was over 300 KB/s while in reliance it went max upto 100 KB.

    I am currently in Bangalore.

  • Poonam

    Hi.i am poonam.i am using the reliance data card.its amazing.but i brought it only 1500 ruppes in rajasthan.

  • SavindraSingh

    DO NOT BUY Virgin Mobile’s vFLASH DATACARD even if they offer it to you for free.

    If you want this datacard (Modem device) I will give it to you for free.

    I was victim of their trap. And this modem is laying useless since then. I would like to give it to anyone for free if they want. But I can’t tolrate their bad service.

  • suyash

    ive got a reliance netconec bb+ postpaid conn wid a 10gb@nite for rs 499 plan..
    can i change da connection to ne prepaid plan?? nd can it b done b4 da billing date???
    ne suggestion wud b of gr8 assistance…

  • Pratim

    yes u can change it to pre-paid but so far as i think it is not possible in current month ask to the cc, if you want to get more data download then post paid is the best, and for only chatting or email checking pre paid is good

  • vikas mahajan

    hello contact me at vikasmahajanz gtalk id if u really want to have unlimited planz on reliance broadband plus data card on prepaid.

  • vikas mahajan

    kindly let me know which city are you from , and do u still have that virgin vflash card with you

  • Soumya

    packages for brodband plus for 6 months

  • Pratim

    regarding the bill: already got 8 bills, no dispute, accurate data count both upload and download, timely billing, no disconnection problem, speed may vary time to time and site to site…in busy hour more than 150 KBPS (a very good speed) and after 1 a.m. at night 200+ KBPS. Got almost same speed in different location in Kolkata. Good Broadband and value for money. Oh Rs. 200 discount for 12 is deducted from bill amount.

  • Jeet

    i just bought the net connect today itself,and it worked perfectly for the first time. on connecting it after 2 hours it just shows up error 691-username/password invalid(thought they are perfectly correct)please help me out in this matter.

  • You should contact Reliance customer care with your card number

  • harikaran

    some time tower problem