10 Ways to Access Blocked Sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube in Pakistan

In recent past, Facebook banned in Pakistan and then YouTube and Twitter also blocked. People can’s access these sites in Pakistan as message appears that “You are not authorized to access this page”. But if your country, college, office, school is blocking any site and you want to access that from there, you can also use Proxy Servers to do the same. Here is the list of 10 Proxy websites which are nothing but 10 ways to access blocked sites at your place.

Update: Egypt bans Twitter, read how to access twitter in Egypt

Access Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other Blocked Sites

List of Proxy Websites to Access Blocked Sites

1. ProxEasy – Free Service

2. Proxify – Paid Service

3. RocketSurf

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4. Zerolike.com

5. 2UnblockSites

6. ProxyBoxOnline

7. Evade Filters

8. ExitB

9. Self Hide

10. UnDirect

[ List of sites via ]

To use these proxy sites, you just need to paste the URL of the blocked site in the input box and then you will be redirected to a page where you can see the data from blocked site. Some of these services are free to use but some of them are paid as well.

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  • JK III

    Do you know of any good proxies that work with videos? I’ve found some proxies, but they only work with youtube and not with other sites, like dailymotion.

    PS: I’m afraid this website will also be blocked. They’ve already blocked a techblog that I frequently visit, makeuseof.com.

  • Tuba

    Are you dump….sick ppl
    u don’t knw y ppl have blocked it…

  • No they are not dumb (neither dump)… And we know why people have blocked it. Mere stupidity… If a government thinks they can control porn and violence by just blocking access to a couple of social media web sites, that’s the most foolish thing they could do…

  • Thanks dear

  • shoaib

    @tuba…y did u open proxy then…..?

  • Jenese

    Try urpal.net.

  • majed hussain

    I appreciate blocking of facebook but not agreed to blocking youtube.

  • Mohammed Taneem Sami

    i am Thankful and appreciate Pakistan Telecommunication to keep Blocked Facebook, YouTube, Twitter in Pakistan…
    If someone Insulted Our Prophet Peace Be Upon Him, we are hear to treat them Badly..

    poet says,,
    Batla do Har Dushman-e-Deen ko Ghairat-e-Muslim zinda hai
    Deen pae Mar mitne ka Jazba kal bhi tha or Aaj bhi hai..


  • edi

    lol….no tuba…i dont think that we are “duump”
    mayB u beleive that its wrong, but every1 has ther own opinion….and i for 1 agree…..facebook shouldnt B blocked!!

  • Pasha

    @MohammedTaneemSami: dude this post was made to help some people out to access those sites…not for ###holes like you !!!
    why the #### would someone write those lines about Allah ???
    People like you are making our life miserable…you are sick, go see a good doctor.
    and one more thing, learn English first…. 🙂

  • we must not use facebook if our govt blocked it ..!
    thats so silly that people still using it..!

  • john

    not really facebook was mad for those poepl who wish to share thing with others and that was not limmited by any point of the imagination

  • Hi my facebok is blocked my id is rakshaimpa@facebook.co.in , i got confirmation code than to i cannot access my account pls help me

  • how do u access facebook and youtube in school i need it please HELP ME

  • jackie

    try resetting your password

  • Nice List.. But some of em are not working here!

  • Thumbs up to
    Sanjeev Mishra, good man.

  • Me 2

  • yAr yOutubE Open krnTY kA kOi MthOD btAo yAr

  • Frndz
    to open youtube just download hotspot sheild and install it.
    after instalation just connect hotspot sheild
    when it will connected you will b able to access all the websites blocked in PAKISTAN
    Cmment plz if you wii succeed.

  • you can b able to enjoying youtube also with hotspotsheid


    may Allah bless you……you have written great thing…..

  • Maja

    All Links are realy good fucking type Because all the links are bloody face bull shit Fuck

  • not working

  • Karthik

    i used proxy bt with thdat i facebook account got blocked…