Google Chrome Is Gradually Eating Up IE Market Share

Google Chrome is much faster and a clean browser than Internet Explorer and that’s why web users are preferring it over other browsers. Popularity of Google Chrome is visible in the recent market share of the browsers where you can see each month jump in the reach of Chrome and dip in IE. Even the release of IE 8 didn’t make much difference. Here is the market share graphs showing popular browser’s percentage market share in this industry.


Comparison of Browser’s Market Share March – April 2010

Browser Market Share 2010


This reports clearly shows that IE is loosing the market share gradually. Firefox jumped by 0.07 percent from last month and Google Chrome jumped by 0.6 percent which is a good amount. Either Microsoft will have to come up with some solid plan or they should be prepared to see the market share gradually going down the 50 percent value. After the release of Firefox 3.6, the market share of Firefox is also in positive direction which means Firefox and Chrome are eating up the IE market.

Look at the performance comparison chart that we had posted few weeks ago. In this chart as well, Google Chrome leads over other browsers.

My personal experience with Chrome is awesome and that’s why the default browser on my Windows 7 system is Chrome only. I use Firefox for some development and analysis purposes but thanks Google for extensions support in Chrome which made this browser more useful. Share your thoughts about this browser war and your default browser.  

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  • It is not so long that Chrome equals Firefox’s 25% market share… just need an year to do that!

  • I’m not surprised as I too have made the switch from IE to Chrome. Although I have to say that majority of the the companies out there still uses IE as their internal browsers.

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  • I really would love to know who uses IE till now. It still accounts for more than 50% market share. That is quite a lot.

  • Mike Drabik Toledo, Ohio

    Most people don’t really care what they use to browse the Internet. They just want it to work. I am the I.T. Dept. in one place where I work. When FireFox came out a few years ago I mandated a change from I.E. to it because, working in a non-profit, I had to ensure the web surfing was safe and yet security had to be economical. I checked out add-ons to I.E. for protection and everything made for I.E. cost an arm and leg to buy; while FF’s security add-ons had no cost at all. So that why I mandated the change to FF.

    The change was bumpy for some my users because they were used to using I.E. – both at work and at home; however, after 5 years now they transitioned long ago and are used to using FF.

    I’d like to migrate to Chrome as I believe it an even more secure browser than FF – mainly because it still has less than 10% of market and most hackers are still focusing on I.E. However, that’s not the issue – trying to make the change as transparent as possible is the trick since my users do not want their browsing experience interrupted and, like many users, they’ve become accustomed to one way of surfing the Net and want no drastic, sudden changes to happen or any learning curve with which to deal.

    I’ll be watching, though, and when the time is right I’ll make the move to Chrome.