Guard Your Yahoo Inbox From Spam Using Disposable Email Address

yahoo_mail Whenever we subscribe for a product or online shopping portal, after certain period of time we start getting spam in our mailbox. But sometimes it is compulsory to provide an email ID for verification of subscription (can’t avoid that). For guarding the mailbox from those spam, Yahoo has come up with the disposable email address formula thru which you can create a disposable email address on single click using your existing yahoo email ID and then share that disposable ID on these kind of places for subscription and online shopping. Once you start getting lot many spam a day, just delete that disposable ID.

Disposable Email ID concept is kind of having temporary email ID for which the mails will be delivered in your normal Yahoo Inbox but you can delete or filter that disposable ID at any point of time without affecting your normal Yahoo ID.

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How To Create Disposable Email ID

  • Go to “Options” tab on right-top corner of the Inbox
  • Click on “Spam” tab on left panel of Options Window


  • Click on Setup Disposable Address
  • Now Click on “Get Started” AddressGuard Window
  • Provide a Base Name and Keyword for creating the Disposable Email Address
  • You can set the delivery location e.g. Inbox and then set different color for emails received on disposable email address for spam protection
  • Done

I created a disposable email address as “dispemail2009-sanjeev[a]”. I can delete this email ID without affecting my main ID. This way you can use disposable email addresses for subscription of newsletter from non reliable sources, online shopping etc.

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  • Nice one Sanjeev..

    In my dinosaur days of blogging.. I used to create disposable email address ! 😀

  • Disposable Email Addresses are certainly a useful feature, and have been for me. But in May 2010, there were some changes to the service that have made it much less useful. For one thing, it used to be that you could divert mail for a given disposable address to a given folder, and it worked 100% accurately. With the new system, there is some kind of “fuzzy logic” that allows many of the messages to the given address to wind up in the Inbox, instead of the designated folder. This new regime is really inconvenient if you’re dealing with hundreds of messages and rely on the automatic sorting to keep your Inbox clear of junk. For further info on Disposable Email Addresses, check the Yahoo Group called Y-Mail, or, contact Yahoo directly, but so far they seem uninterested in fixing this.