Keyboard Problem with Ubuntu 10.04 Login Window on VMware

Recently I installed Ubuntu Lucid 10.04 on my virtual machine VMware player and finally started the OS. As per the data provided at the time of installation, it asked for the login password. When I went ahead to enter the password, I realized that my keyboard stopped working. I checked the keyboard on my real OS which is Windows 7, and it was working fine over there. If you are facing the same problem with your Ubuntu Installation on VMware, then you can feel my situation at that time. Anyways, there is always some fix to keep going on technology bugs. So here comes the simple help to enter your password ob the login window.

Steps to enter Login Password in Ubuntu 10.04 on VMware

  • Start the Ubuntu Installation on VMware and wait for the login window to come
  • At the bottom or top of the window, you can see a small icon as “standing man in a circle”. Right click on that icon to see an option as “Universal Access Preferences”. Now click on that option
  • A new window with lot many check boxes will appear. Check the box “ Use on-screen keyboard”
  • Now shutdown the VMware and start that again
  • On the login window, you can see a on-screen keyboard. You can use that keyboard to enter your password. Click on the password box and then enter he password from on-screen keyboard rather than the physical keyboard
  • Once you will login to Ubuntu successfully, Your physical keyboard will start working properly

Here are some screenshots to show you the mentioned icon and on-screen keyboard of Ubuntu 10.04 on VMware.

1. Get the “Universal Access Preferences” option by clicking on the icon


2. Check the on-screen keyboard option


3. Enter the password using on-screen keyboard


If you are still facing any problem logging into your new Ubuntu OS, share your query/concern thru comments of this article.

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  • I had same problem.

    Thankyou for this tip.

  • Johnson

    I had this problem too, quick google search brought me here, thanks

  • I installed Ubuntu using Wubi and had the same issue. I logged in using the on screen keyboard but once logged in the keyboard still did not work. Any ideas how to get it working?

  • peterson

    I have the same problem. But when I open the on-board it closes soon as it opens automatically.

    I’m using Ubuntu 10.04 into a VMware Fusion in a Mac OS X 10.6.3

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  • cepnyci

    I tried this on-screen keyboard disappears after launch. I cannot login.

  • Josh

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! This was driving me nuts all last night!!!

  • Andrei

    hey thx a lot for the post … i had the same problem but now it worked 😀

  • Eric

    The actual fix is here:

    what you describe is useful to login the first time, then you should do whatever is on the previous post:
    Then, open up a terminal and type:

    sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup

    Then follow the on-screen instructions, reboot, and you are good to go!

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  • tony

    had the same issue too, figured it out on my own … got here looking for a real solution … post one if you find the real fix for this

  • cmattfletcher

    I’m also using Ubuntu 10.04 within a VMware Fusion on a Mac OS X 10.6.3

    And I have the same problem, on board shuts down.

  • Frank Zlotkowski

    Thanks so much!
    Had a helluva time coming up with a good Google search string for this. Had to use Windows Previous Versions on my Virtual Machines folder to get my original Ubuntu back. Too bad I didn’t see this first.
    ….I’m grateful…BUT….what is the REAL solution here?

  • it’s work on me..

  • Drask

    I had the same problem (Lucid running on VMWare Player, keyboard did not work at login screen but did work after logging in using the onscreen keyboard). I followed the instructions here and it fixed my problem.

  • Nick

    I found a better fix on a blog which shows which file to edit so that the keyboard now works in the logon screen. You no longer need the ‘on screen keyboard’ workaround.

    After using the onscreen keyboard to login.
    1) Open terminal (note that your keyboard should be working at this point)
    2) type sudo gedit /etc/default/console-setup
    3) Scroll down to the bottom and change the following

    XKBVARIANT=”U.S. English”


    worked perfect for me.

    Hope this helps.

  • Dale Keys

    Thank you…. worked for me 😀 Had to reboot to keep the keyboard up.

  • Jeff

    Thanks Nick!

    Your post worked perfectly! :o)

  • Stefan

    I have got the bug on Ubuntu 10.04 (host system) when installing an additional Ubuntu 10.04 in the latest VMware Player.

  • Eric

    Thank you or this posting. I made your recommended changes in the file and I can no login without the work around.

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  • mark

    Didn’t have any problem with Virtual Box running 10.4

  • Thanks Mr. Mishra. It worked! ^_^

  • SLiTER

    thanks that WORKS

  • Ivan


  • metroranchero

    Your tip worked like a charm. Thanks!

  • barath

    Thanks a lot even i had the same problem,googling brought me here:-)

  • Augustus D Johnson

    same happened to me, appeared disappeared still cannot log in

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  • cmattfletcher

    Update: I installed VMWare Fusion 3.1.0 and I can now use the on-screen keyboard to login then everything is fine. (before the on-screeen just flashed and disappeared) Interestingly the VMWare update stated compatibility fixes for Ubuntu 10.04

    I still have to try and fix this!

  • Thanks for ur Information 🙂

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  • rob

    Thanks Nick – that worked.

    To clear it up for anyone not sure what to do, replace this;
    XKBVARIANT=”U.S. English”

    with this – original lines commented out just in case :);

    #XKBVARIANT=”U.S. English”


  • I am really trying to embrace ubuntu, I love the concept, and the great community out there, but some of this stuff is still a bit geeky for me, and I am not an idiot. W7 64, VM player Ubuntu 10.04…Craig

  • Esteban Benavides

    It worked, excellent, Thank you!

    Physical machine: Windows 7 64.
    VMWare Player running Ubuntu 10.04

  • Marco

    This tutorial saved me, THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  • Daniel

    Thank you!! It would have took me a lot longer to figure that one out on my own.

  • Suhas

    My keyboard doesnt work even after the logging in 🙁 Any solution for that ? Using VM and Win7

  • miras

    Yes! It’s really important bug!

  • Ulrik

    Thanks a lot – this tip saved my day!

  • Very good article ,
    but i never faced this problem
    but my thanks in advance i myself dont know what i am saying

  • ryan

    the screen keyboard appeared for a fraction of a second and disappeared. It never came back. The keyboard still not working. I find this really bad.

  • mario

    Thanks man! you are the shiznick!

  • I’m having the same problem under VMWare. Virtual keyboard never displays. An earlier version of Lucid install several months ago is working without problem. The latest .iso downloaded and install does not work. Same problem with keyboard not working. Mouse does work. Tested on two mouse/keyboard (usb) sets.

  • akash sharma

    nice but the problem occuring with me that when i login in safe mode after entering my username it logins normally but in the normal mode it simply doesn’t neither it says authenication failure just blinks and again login screen comes plllllzzzzzzzzz help

  • Radika Veera Valli


    After checking the on-screen keyboard option, did you shutdown the guest machine and start again? I did not do it initially and the keyboard was appearing only for a second. It works now.

    Good Luck.

  • igiiu

    An easy solution to get rid of this problem is to install Ubuntu 9.10 and then upgrade the installation to 10.04.

  • Milad

    I did that but my keyboard not work and on-screen keyboard not shown when check it!
    I can’t use my UBUNTU! :'(

  • RVV

    Milad, did you shutdown and restart your virtual OS?

  • BR

    Thanks! although i knew this option of using on-screen keyboard, it never occurred to me when i had the problem 🙂