Internet Explorer 8.1 Will Have Firefox Extension Support

This was an April Fool Joke by Smashing Magazine. Apology for Posting this news here in excitement. Please don’t take this post seriously.

As reported by Smashing Magazine couple of months ago, the next version of Internet Explorer is going to have Firefox Extension. Internet Explorer 8 is really better than its previous versions and now there is a talk going on about Internet Explorer 8.1 which is suppose to have Firefox extension support. If it happens in IE 8.1 then you will be able to use Firefox extensions on Internet Explorer and that will definitely help IE to get more users.


In Internet Explorer 8, they provided the debugging tool similar to inspect element in Google Chrome and firebug in Firefox but once the Firefox Extension support will be enabled in IE 8.1, you will also able to use Firebug or other extension on IE.

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Internet Explorer 8.1 is suppose to come with Windows 7 release or may be after couple of months of release and that’s why there are going to be some minor changes on looks of IE as well. Those changes are not as much but just make it in tune with Windows 7.

Here are some screenshots of Internet Explorer 8.1, for which the credit goes to Smashing Magazine,

About Page On Internet Explorer 8.1


Firefox Extension Support On IE 8.1


Windows 7 is going to release on 22nd Oct 2009 i.e. within a month and we also hope that Internet Explorer 8.1 will also come along with that or may be they will release it in couple of months. Anyway, the changes seems to be really effective and will definitely open new market for Internet Explorer.

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  • This is a great news for IE users. Will it reduce fans for firefox?

  • @Mony Totally agree with you that it is really a good news for IE user. Firefox is the best known browser because of Extensions and if that is going to be a part of IE then will definitely be a tough challenge for Firefox.

  • The link of the source on Smashing Magazine is a April Fool’s post. Check the date: 31 March, 2009. So there will be no Firefox extension support if at all IE 8.1 will be released.

  • Hi Sanjeev,

    Just stumbled on this post and, for a moment, even I took this to be true. But it doesn’t seems possible, moreover Navjot’s comment points that, that was a ‘bad’ april fool joke. 🙂

    So, better, verify the news and update the post

    And yes, I cannot find a “get mail for follow up comments” option here.. My 2 cents, workout on it as well that would help us get follow up mail on our comments 🙂

  • @Navjot and @Deepak Thanks a lot for pointing it out here. This was my fault as I posted the news in excitement. Now I have added the apology on this post at start itself so that visitors can ignore it and don’t take seriously. Will definitely take care of such things in future as well. Many thanks again for the same.

  • No hard feelings Sanjeev!

    Just chill 😉