Kids show Office 2010 PowerPoint Features in a New Ad

Microsoft is promoting Office 2010 products like PowerPoint thru new ads. Recently at Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft released a new ad showing a sister and brother creating a PowerPoint presentation for their friends and family. In that advertisement of around 1:20 minutes, both of them show functionalities like adding audio, images etc in PowerPoint presentation. Microsoft had released this kind of promos for Windows 7 as well. I think showing kids using Microsoft is a way to tell users that the products from Microsoft are easy to understand and very much user friendly; even kids can use them.

What do you think about this new ad of Office 2010 PowerPoint? Share your thoughts thru the comments section of this post.

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  • The only problem I find with Microsoft office products are their inability to function outside the office eco system. I worry about children learning how to construct documents using Microsofts cock-eye gui’s. I sometimes feel we are handicapping them before they even start. Just because they can doesn’t mean they are creating great documents by using great software. I feel that we are spoon feeding our kids dogfood by teaching them the office suite, why not expose them to more tasty options.