Remove Duplicate Emails From Outlook

Outlook is the market leader in email client software. It is used heavily in offices and personal purposes and sometimes we store lot many duplicate emails in our inbox without noticing that. Those duplicate emails consumes so much space on server or local machine. You can use outlook add-on to remove those duplicate emails.

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ODIR Add-on for Outlook

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ODIR (Outlook duplicate items remover) is a free outlook add-on to remove the duplicate mails on single click. After the installation of this add-on, you will see a new menu appearing as ODIR. Now click on the menu and now click on the “Remove duplicate items”. You can choose any folder like Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Contact, Calendar etc and then click on the Remove option. ODIR will move the duplicate entries in a new folder named “ODIR_duplicate items”. Now you can delete that folder on single click.

ODIR 1.4 is available to download.

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  • Nice Tips , i had lot of duplicate mails , i will give it a try to Outlook duplicate items remover.

  • haomai

    I very often find duplicate e-mail at the post office. I have long wondered how to solve this problem, and contact duplicate remover came to my aid. It is a pity that I do not know how to write programs – would help developers .. Thank you!

  • Thanks Haomai, for sharing the link for contact duplicate remover with our visitors.

  • You can also try Accurate Outlook Duplicate Remover( It is a free software which can remove Outlook duplicates from Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes and Email folders in one click.

  • LP

    I just tried Accurate Outlook Duplicate Remover. It is a very good free program. Finally! It is a lot faster than a program called Outlook Duplicate Items Remover (ODIR). That does the same but can be quite slow depending on the volume of email. Don’t buy Duplicate Email Remover; they send you a key that doesn’t work even although you purchased the license. Ripe off!

  • Rui

    I tried ODIR and Accurate Outlook (…).
    Although ODIR is slower than Accurate (…) It removes messages that where in triplicate, for example, while Accurate doesn’t.
    I prefer ODIR.