Google Nexus One Phone Revealed, Price and Specifications

Till now most of the Internet users must have heard about Nexus One whether thru Leaked Photos, Videos etc or different tweets. But today, Its official. Google and HTC has released the specifications and price of Nexus One which is more or less same as the speculations. Here is the Specifications details of Nexus One as released by Google.


Technical Specifications of Nexus One

  • 5 Mega Pixel (MP) Camera with LED flash
  • 1 GHz Processor Speed
  • 4 GB Installed Memory and Expandable up to 32 GB
  • 3.7 Inch AMOLED display
  • 130 gm in weight and 11.5 mm width

From the specifications point of view, this Android phone looking as a strong competitor of Apple iPhone. Here is the comparison chart of both,

Comparison Chart of Nexus One and iPhone

Specifications and Features

Apple iPhone 3GS

Google Nexus One

Processor Speed

1 GHz

1 GHz


16 GB

4 GB , Expandable to 32 GB


3 Mega Pixel (MP)

5 MP

Battery Life

5 Hr. (Talk Time), 300 Hr. (Standby)

7 Hr. (Talk Time), 250 Hr. (Standby)




Voice Commands






App Store Name

iTunes App Store

Android Market

Available Apps

More than 100,000



$199 (with Contact)

$599 (without Contract)

$179 (with Contact)

$529 (without Contract)


Price of Google Nexus One

As highlighted in the comparison chart, Google Nexus One is available for $179 on T-Mobile with 2 years of contract or you can buy Nexus One for $529 without any contract.

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  • Wow!! Nexus is the real iPhone killer phone.. Haha..I love this.

  • The price is problem 🙂

  • The features of the new google Nexus looks cool, but the looks of the apple iPhone is far too good. Still have to wait for new version of Nexus.

  • Hmm.. Good one.. Keep going.

  • Thanks boz

  • Nexus One look like a cool phone with Android Os
    I love all products of Google and Nexus One too

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