How To Check Whether Site Is Using Chitika Premium For Money Making

Chitika is one of the most trusted money making platform after Google Adsense. Chitika Premium ads served on websites of blogs in different way than Google Adsense. In case of Chitika Premium, advertisements appears on the blog with the keyword used for search on Google. That means, Visitor will see the same keyword on advertisement on your blog ad slot and may find that interesting and relevant to his search. This scenario will happen in case the visitor comes to your site thru search engines like Google. But for normal referral visits and direct visits, you may show another ad like Adsense or referral programs on your blog on same ad slot.

Chitika Premium

If you want to check whether a site is using Chitika advertisements for money making with the alternate ads in case of direct advertisements then you can do that in two different ways.

  1. Search for a keyword for which you can see the same website in SERP on search engine like Google and then open the website or blog from there.
  2. Type the URL of the website or one of he post of the blog and add “#chitikatest=wordpress” at the end of the URL, Now you can see the Chitika ads with the keyword as “Wordpress”.

By using above technique, you can see whether a blog or website is using Chitika Advertisements. This will help you in planning the monetization path for your own blog.  

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  • It is a good way of seeing how other blogs make their money!

    Chitika is doing well for me at the moment!

  • As with Google , you can know how much a keyword is currently bid at, How do you know with this service? Fo one, I tried addark <<not real name, fo those who have to ask, any waynot only could i not get targeted ads, but 10 clicks netted….04 ok maybe i didnt take the time to let things roll but i dont want to be loosing income for days and days and days and days…. breath… and days waiting for the right ads to show. ??? Im confusing myself,, back to the question, how do you know what the keywords are paying?

    I am interested.


  • @Kevin Thanks a lot for posting this query over here. Chitika doesn’t provide the keywords to which the ad impressions got a hit as this type of analysis requires tracking. Google Adsense integration with Google Analytics provide the analysis of the same but that is not possible in Chitika. Chitika may improve their system by adding this feature over there in advanced reports.

  • @ Sanjeev Mishra

    Thank You for your prompt response to my question. After rereading my question, I understand that I was a bit confusing. What I guess I am asking is not which adds got the click, although that would also be helpful and kinda cool, but rather. I would like to know this;

    Using keyword research tools, I optimized my websites for keywords that I know what the going bid is in Google. I can have an estimate of what I can expect to earn per click from those niche sites. How do I do this with your company?

    Lets take a general keyword as not to give a way any of my niche choices. So lest use the keyword “student loan” we know that keyword cost and advertiser on average $14.15 per click as of this writing.
    So If I take the Google adsense off from my site, and put your ads in it’s place, How do I know what to expect from my optimized pages for specific keywords?
    What I need to know, how much is that keyword going for in your company?
    So for a keyword such as the “student loan 14.15, I know what I can expect to earn from relitive terms on my sites from the targeted ads that show.
    See what I am asking?

    This is a hypothetical scenario, using a keyword that I am not optimized for nor a niche I am perusing, but lets say that student loans is at 14.15, I would know that I can expect about 5-6 dollars a click earnings.

    What would that same scenario earn in your company. As I said I tried using a different add network other than Adsense one time. So a scenario for my niche I knew what I was earning, the keyword was bid at over 30.00 it earned my site good money every day and it was a consistent average. But when I replace the adsense ads with a different company on that page, for days on end, hardly any impressions showed, and then most of the time were not targeted, but the ones that were, netted 7 clicks, for .04 cents. I switched back with in a week to Adsense on that page, and immediately went back to a ton of impressions, and A normal CTR. Back to earning.

    So How do we know what to expect? I mean apples to apples comparison? What are your advertisers being charged on average for a specific keyword?

    I mean if I know I am consistently making 5 dollars a click on a keyword, and I put your ads on my site, is are the earnings comparable, if not how far off is the margin? And how do I know this so that I can optimize pages for the keywords?

    Am I going to drop from earning 5 dollars a click to .02 cents?

    Theses are the questions I would like to have answered if you can..
    Thank you for taking the time to help me to understand. I would like to try a new ad network, but need to know how to optimize.

  • @Kevin Thanks a lot mate for posting your question so clearly. As Google Adsense is so popular, there are lot many third parties which provide estimation services for keywords. I think in case of chitika, you may login to the advertisers section and check that how much they are going to charge of particular keyword. I never tried that but may help. Your question is very much relevant and helpful top my readers as well. Thanks again for posting the same.