Control Facebook Profile Page to Show Friends List only to Your Friends

Facebook Privacy is really a concern as many businesses runs over Facebook and there are different business parties available over there. If you don’t want to share the list of your friends facebook which may include your business partner, boyfriend, girlfriend or some other people near by you to avoid competition, you may use the below trick to hide the friends list on your profile page.

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Step by Step Process to hide Friends List

1. Login to your Facebook Account

2. Go to your Profile Page and scroll down to your friends box on left panel

3. Click on the “Edit Box” (Pen like Icon) on top-right corner of the box


4. Now “Uncheck” the box named as “Show friend list to everyone”

5. Done. Now you friends list (box) will only appear when any of your friend will open your profile page.

This way you can hide your fiends list publicly and show that only to your friends.

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  • michael hall

    hey guys, the friends lists privacy update isnt working properly. when you use internet explorer and hide your friends lists by unclicking the box to make ur friends viewable to only friends, when a non-friend clicks on your profile, if they share a mutual friend with u and they click “see all” then everyone on the friends lists shows up to this stranger. its the samewith firefox except when u click on mutual friends “view all” only shows up mutual friends but when u click “see all mutual friends in a new window” then all friends hidden from strangers shows up. i suggest you re-write this article and write to facebook so that users are not tricked into thinking friends lists are private. thank you

  • ziza

    I did so but when ever I click on it, it goes to edit profile?what is wrong?