5 Facebook Applications to Integrate Picasa Albums with Facebook Profile

Facebook is crowded with too many applications out of which some of them really helps us in many ways. These applications simplifies our life on this social media platform and let us explore other thing on single platform. Here are the top 5 applications to integrate Picasa (Huge application by Google to manage personal pictures, albums etc) and Facebook Profiles. By using these applications, you may show your pictures available on Picasa on Facebook Profile tab.

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Facebook Applications for Picasa

So without further delay, here is the list and link of 5 applications for Picasa Album on Facebook,

1. Picasa Tab

Very simple tool to import or integrate Picasa albums with Facebook. Go to the application and provide your Picasa ID (may be your Gmail Id or Google ID). Now your albums would be visible on Facebook. Go to the settings option of application and enable to show Picasa Albums on Facebook Tabs.

Go to Picasa Tab

Picasa Tab

2. Picasa Uploader

This is a plugin for Picasa using which you can upload Picasa albums, pictures on Facebook. Download the plugin and install that on your Picasa Installation.

Go to Picasa Uploader

Picasa Uploader

3. My Picasa Album

On this application, you may choose the thumbnail size, sorted images from your Picasa Albums to show on Facebook. here is the settings page of this application where you need to provide the username to get Picasa Albums.

Go to My Picasa Album

My Picasa Album

4. Picasa Web Album

Picasa Web Album is another facebook application to integrate to retrieve Picasa albums and pictures to facebook and show them in different ways.

Go to Picasa Web Album

Picasa Web Album

5. Photos 2 Photos

Use this application to get Picasa pictures and Flickr pictures on Facebook. This is a simple and easy to use tool to manage these pictures on Facebook.

Go to Photos 2 Photos

Photos 2 Photos

If you use any other application to get your Picasa albums in Facebook then please share with us thru comments section or let us know your feedback about these applications.

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  • but i didn’t use picasa, but i use flickr.. so photo 2 photo could help me though. 🙂

  • Vinh Le

    There’s a check box in fb setting that says update story from flickr or picasa, but I don’t know how fast can it update? or manual all the way? I up some photos on Picasa and waited 30 mins, but nothing happened.

  • You can use any of these applications to get latest one from Picasa or Flickr. That will work for you.

  • Tadek

    Just to update, I have found another one to share the picasa albums on facebook. It has additional option to select the album to display on your profile. it’s at http://apps.facebook.com/sgaleria/ I’m using this one 😉

  • Thank you for taking the time to post these links, Sanjeev. However, I am now faced with six options to interface Picasa and Facebook and absolutely no information regarding the merits, pros and cons of any of the solutions.

    It would be far more helpful if this type of information were presented in a review style, perhaps with a comparative table showing common and unique features of each application. It would also benefit the community if you asked for feedback on personal experiences with these applications.

    Does anyone out there have any useful input from their experiences? Thank you.

  • David

    As of 6/18/2010, at least two of these are broken:
    Picasa Uploader is unable to sign in to facebook. “An error occurred with Picasa Uploader. Please try again later.” A week ago developer said he was looking into it, in this thread: http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=2483740875&topic=18144

    Photos 2 Photos is unable to login to Google: “The page you have requested cannot be displayed. Another site was requesting access to your Google Account, but sent a malformed request. . .”

  • Martin Fischer

    These are nice tools; but does anybody know a way to sync (or show) facebook gallery to a picasa account?