Free Tool to convert normal Pictures into Painting Sketch in no time

Not everyone is a Photoshop expert ((including me) but we all want to have some level of style in our regular pictures taken from Digital Camera. Here is a free tool to convert a normal picture (photo) into a painting sketch, pencil drawn sketch and much more. In case you want to impress your Facebook friends with new avatar or you need to upload images to other portals, you may add this kind of effect to have a cool looking picture without putting much effort of Photoshop or other tool.

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I am talking about FotoSketcher which is available for Windows PC and it is available to download for free. You just need to land to the home page of this tool, and download a copy. Install the same on your computer and start using it. Go ahead and upload the picture in that tool to have a nice looking sketch of the same. Here is what I got after running this tool on one of my picture taken near “Hotel Taj, Mumbai”.

Normal picture taken from Digital Camera


Converted to painting sketch (pencil effect) by using FotoSketcher


There are so many effects available in the tool to use by selecting them from dropdown. Once you finalize the settings, you may download the changed picture and use that for any purpose.

Download FotoSketcher

Do you like to convert picture or add effects into that? What tool do you use for that purpose? Share your experience of using FotoSketcher on your digicam photos.

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  • its awesome dude 🙂 wow.. coool cooll

  • Daniel

    Why have you placed this blog on a do follow list?

    Honesty is always the best policy. I would have liked to look at your blog but knowing that it’s owner tells lies, I don’t know whether I’d be able to take anything you write seriously.

  • We never placed this blog on any “do follow” (related to SEO and link building) list, and never said that this blog is a “do follow” blog. So please mention the article where you found this blog in do follow list. Thanks