Create Virtual Image to Backup DVD Movies, Software and Play from Hard Disk

We need to backup the whole DVD, CD, Blu-ray disk on hard disk before returning them back to friend (real owner), in that case use DVD backup software to create virtual image of the disk. Virtual Image is something like having the copy of the DVD/CD/Blu-ray disk on hard disk and then insert that virtual disk in virtual drive on PC. That means actually the backup data whether movies, software, music plays from the hard disk. As today we have huge hard disk like 500GB to 1TB, we can have so many virtual images properly stored.

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There are lot many application freely available to create such virtual image of the disk. ImgBurn is such a free software to create virtual images from the disk like CD/DVD/Blu-ray. It has read, write, build, verify, discovery modes to perform different tasks like reading disk, writing content of physical disks into virtual disk by burning that etc.

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Once you will have virtual disks for all important disks, you don’t need to look into your DVD collections to watch old movies etc. Virtual images works similar to the normal disks and you will feel same way like inserting a physical disk into a physical drive. There are so many formats of virtual images. For example, .iso, .mds, .b5t, .b6t, .isz, .ccd, .bwt etc. By using ImgBurn, you can create images in ISO format.

Download ImgBurn for free

Start taking backup of DVD or other disks on Hard Disk using backup software, and feel safe about them.

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  • When I was a kid (who enjoyed pirating computer games a lot) I was used to borrow games from my friends and install them in my computer. However most of those games refused to load if the installation CD was not found in the drive.

    CD burners were expensive at that time and I couldn’t afford for a one. Then I came across a Virtual CD drive software which allowed to make and store images of any CD. After that every time I borrowed a nice game CD from a friend I created an image which allowed me to play the game without the presence of the real physical disk.

    That’s my little story about using virtual images 🙂

  • Very useful i had no idea you could do that thanks!

  • I had been trying to create such virtual disc of my DVD tray, the first time I had tried to install a software for that matter, it did cause problems on my boot process. I think it had created a mirror image of my hard disk instead of my DVD drive. Does ImgBurn will make sure that the mirror image is my DVD drive and not my system drive?

  • Nice blog…
    “A virtual disk image is a file on a physical disk, which has a well-defined, published or proprietary, format and is interpreted by a Virtual Machine Monitor as a hard disk. IT administrators and software developers administer them through offline operations using built-in or third-party tools. In terms of naming, a virtual disk image for a certain Virtual Machine monitor has a specific file type extension, e.g., .vmdk for VMware VMDK, .vhd for Xen and Microsoft Hyper-V, .vdi for Oracle VM VirtualBox, etc”

  • Kristen

    With this application you can easily convert AVI files to DVD video:

  • Creating Virtual Image is great, the DVD quality is maintain and its faster to do than ripping the DVD.