First Look Firefox 4.0 – Tabs are Looking Like Google Chrome

Firefox recently released Firefox 3.5 the faster version of Firefox browsers. This time they are really doing faster and released the mockups for Firefox 3.7 and now Firefox 4.0 as well. Previously we had shown you the first snaps of Firefox 3.7 and now here is the mockups of Firefox 4.0 on different versions of Windows 7, Vista.

First Look of Firefox 4.0 on Windows 7 / Vista Aero:

Look at the TabsMockup-4-0-Vista-(TabsBottom)-(LocBar)

Here are the changes expected to come with Firefox 4.0,

There are some changes expected in the status bar where the go button turns green when you will start typing the URL over there. You can also see the status green line showing the page load status in a very cool manner. You can see the tabs in Firefox 4.0 which is looking bit similar to the Google Chrome browser.

Source: Firefox Wiki

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  • They look excellent.. hope will find more features also.. thanks for sharing Sanjeev…

  • Wow, Firefox 4.0 is going to look clean. I hope they make it so you can make your tabs just favicons. I have a habit of opening 10-15 tabs, so keeping up with them will be way easier that way.

    Regarding the icons, they are probably just trying to all go to a standard look so it is easy for people to change from one to another. Firefox has the majority of the market, so it wouldn’t make sense for them to try to mimic Chrome too much.

  • @Blake I totally agree with you on lot many tabs thing. Hope to get lot many things in Firefox 4.0.

  • @Pradeep Thanks a lot buddy. I am also waiting to see the features in thins version of firefox.

  • V.C

    Look simple like Chrom but more perfect.
    Firefox will be the most popular browser so far.