Opera 10.60 Final Version Released and ready to Download

Few days ago, we reviewed Opera 10.60 release candidate 1 and now Opera team has come up with final stable release of Opera 10.60. This time Opera browser’s latest version is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux as well.

opera 10.60

Few points related to Opera 10.60

1. New version is having Opera’s new version of rendering engine i.e. Presto 2.6.30

2. Lot many HTML5 bug fixes

3. New JavaScript engine named Carakan

4. JavaScript and DOM performance improvements

5. Opera 10.60 is not using Qt on Linux and it now integrates with KDE and GTK libraries.

After inclusion of above changes and improvements, Opera 10.60 is again claiming itself as the fastest browser on planet. For more features and advantages of Opera 10.60, read the full coverage.

Download Opera 10.60 for Windows, Linux and Mac

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  • Conan

    Suse 11.2 64 bit, Opera 10.60 64 bit

    1) Mouse copy / paste broken. This can be remedied by totally shutting off JavaScript or adding a JavaScript patch.

    2) Repeated blowouts with no error message. No remedy for this.

    3) Some YouTube videos either won’t play or bomb out the browser entirely again with no error message. No remedy for this.

    I’ve used linux Opera since the days when I had to pay for it. One word for this version:
    — Disgusting