Reduce Size Of Pictures In A Folder Before Uploading On Web

iview_logoIf you want to upload pictures from your digital camera on any of the web portal say Picasa, Flickr, Orkut etc. then you should reduce the size of the same before doing so. Pictures taken from 7.2 Mega Pixel digital camera would be of around 2.5 MB and if you will try to upload that on web album then it will take so much time and allotted memory.

IrfanView Image Editor is having an option to resize images from a folder in batch processing which means you can reduce the size of images in a folder on a single click. Follow the below steps to perform batch processing on images in a folder.

Screenshot: Picture Properties before and after batch processing

picture_before_size After_processing

  • Download IrfanView and install on your computer (Windows Only).
  • Go to “Start” and Click on “IrfanView Thumbnail” under IrfanView tab from “All Programs”
  • Locate the Folder from the left side window of IrfanView Thumbnail

Screenshot: Thumbnail Preview In IrfanView


  • Click on the folder to get the list of images in Thumbnail Preview window
  • Select images by dragging the mouse on the window or using CTRL key
  • Go to “File” tab and select “Start batch dialog with selected files” from there.
  • Change the output picture quality and sizes from the Options and “Advance” window
  • Start the batch process by clicking on “Start” button.

Screenshot : Start Batch Processing


  • Final pictures will be saved in the output folder where you can see the change in the file size or memory occupied by the same.
  • You will not find any difference in the quality of the image as you have reduce the size and depth of color and that’s why the image size reduced.

It is always better to upload low memory size pictures on web so that your friends and family members who are on slow internet connection can also view them easily.

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  • Robyn

    Just wanted to say: this page “Reduce Size Of Pictures In A Folder” has been a great help to me. In previous years I have reduced the size of school ID photos in a folder, one by one taking weeks to finish while having to do other work as well. Today I used IrfanView batch processing and finished over 650 students in less than half an hour while being able to walk away and let IrfanView get on with it.

  • Ken Morgan

    this did not answer the question how to reduce a picture size for uploading. for instance, I need to reduce a picture on my computer from 1600 X 1200 to 1500 X 1200. does anyone know how to do this? Not a single on line forum, and I’ve checked a dozen will answer this, what I thought was a simple question. I guess not.

  • Rajkumar

    This tool is fantastic in all aspects…gr8 work by ppl who developed this….

  • Ravi

    Thank You for tutorial 🙂
    Have a nice day!!!!!!!!!!