Create a toolbar for your website or blog to increase the traffic

Marketing for your blog is very important part for getting a good amount of traffic. For that purpose, a customized toolbar created for your blog will work tremendously. You can create a setup file for the installation of your own blog’s toolbar which will appear at the top of the Internet Explorer browser.

There are so many online services available for creating a toolbar for your browser for free. I gone thru the service from Conduit, and found very interesting.

IT toolbar In Conduit, you can create and customize a toolbar according to the theme of your blog or website and user can download the toolbar from your community download center.

Important features of Conduit toolbar creator

  • You can customize the toolbar according to the theme of your website or blog
  • Add social networking links like Twitter, Digg, Technorati, LinkedIn etc on the toolbar
  • Advertise about your own toolbar on your blog/website. Conduit will provide you banners to promote your toolbar. For example, the horizontal kind of banner will be like as below,


  • Monetize your toolbar installation by Conduit reward program which included Pay-per-install (PPI) and Promotion bonus as well


Drawbacks of toolbar programs

The toolbar only works with Internet Explorer. It doesn’t work with other browsers like Chrome, Apple Safari etc. For promoting your toolbar, you will have to provide extra space on your blog or website to paste the advertisement.


Toolbar promotion is a very good activity and recommended by many other blogs as well but you will have to analyse whether your viewer uses IE or other browser. Market your blog thru toolbar is recommended from Internet Techies.

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.
  • Sanjeev,

    I’m glad you liked our platform and i’m sure your review will be very helpful to many publishers that are looking to get thier content out there and better engage thier users.

    More examples of great community toolbars, as well as toolbar related promotions and marketing campaigns (by some of the 180,000 publishers that are using the Conduit platform) can be found here: and here: – enjoy!

    I also wanted to point out 2 “minor” corrections:
    1) There are not so many online services (as mentioned in your second paragraph) that enable a site or an individual to create a toolbar for free in a few easy steps. In fact, Conduit is the first and the only fully hosted, turnkey and on-demand solution for building powerful community toolbars.

    2) Our platform seamlessly supports not only Internet Explorer (as you have mentioned in your “Drawbacks” section) but also FireFox (in fact, we support a few millions of devoted FF users every day) and very very soon also Safari. We also run on all popular operating systems including Apple’s OS, Linux and Windows. Chrome is not yet supported simply because add-ons will only be offered in its next versions.

    More information can be found at or just Google the words community toolbar…



    Hai Habot
    Director of Marketing

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