Manage Multiple Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, AOL at Single Place

We do lot many things on Internet starting from email, social networking, social bookmarking, chatting etc. For that we need to open different browsers and need to remember lot many IDs and passwords or need to have multiple desktop applications for different purposes. Those days are over as today the browser is the most powerful application on a computer where you can do everything. In browsers as well, you don’t need to open too many tabs or windows for doing all these things. Threadsy is here to let you check emails (Gmail, Yahoo), use Twitter, Facebook and even chat on GTalk, AOL at one place.

threadsy_logo Threadsy is a free web application to keep Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, GTalk etc under one umbrella. It is currently is beta stage where you need to request for the invite to start using this awesome application. Once you will have the invite link in your inbox, you may go ahead and create an ID and password for Threadsy. After that, provide one Gmail ID and password (at least) to start the application. You can manage multiple mail addresses in one Threadsy account. You may enter your Twitter details, Yahoo ID and password, AOL or GTalk as well for connecting them. This application uses Facebook Connect to get the updates from Facebook or share updates over there.

Dashboard of Threadsy:

threadsy_dashboard Left panel is the place where you can see your emails, Twitter Mentions, Facebook Inbox, Yahoo etc. You can also reply to an email or create a new mails on this dashboard itself.

Right panel is for Twitter and Facebook Updates and for Live Chat. There are two tabs named as Unbound and Chat. On chat window, you may use GTalk for chatting purposes. Otherwise another tab will show you latest tweets, facebook updates etc on real time. You may update your Twitter and Facebook status from the same panel. There is a “RT” buttons besides every tweet, so you can easily share those tweets as RT on your account.

 threadsy_box   threadsy_rt

Currently this application supports Gmail and Google Apps, Hotmail (US only), Yahoo (US only), AOL, Twitter, Facebook. You may enter and manage multiple twitter accounts as well.

Settings Panel for Input

threadsy_input Start using this application and let us know your feedback and experience. I am using it and found really awesome.

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  • Thats a great find Sanjeev. Very useful for us.

  • Looks promising but I’m really hoping that Google Wave will be my savior!

  • Padma

    Is there any FB app that you can download to read Gmail from within Facebook?


  • True Speaker

    This information is totally uncomplete and out of understanding. No any information/URL etc is shown for downloading threadsy. Totally useless and uncomplete information

  • I think you have not used Threadsy or even read the article, as it is not a downloadable application. It is a web application where you need to register yourself on threadsy site and then start using it over there only. I have provided then dashboard details and how to add new account over there. I don’t think I missed something in this post. So, first of all you should read the post, use the application and then only share your feedback. Such type of comment doesn’t add any value for blogger as well as visitor.

  • a

    fmail deos this but still not working but u can reach facebook via gmail

  • It’s no longer available. Is there any other alternatives?