Allow to add or upload Images in a Gallery thru Frontend on WordPress Blog

Sometimes you need to add an option for public upload of images on your site under certain galleries to increase the interactivity with visitors. If your site is on WordPress, you can use following plugins to achieve the same. Of course there should be a moderation options to avoid some unwanted images to show under the gallery on a post.


PhotoSmash  Galleries

Create an awesome gallery with PhotoSmash Galleries in a couple of minutes and then add an option for your visitors to upload images from their own local machine or URL. You can moderate the uploaded images afterwards. Moderated images will be visible under the gallery. Anyone can upload the images from frontend of your site, you can choose whether a registered users or anyone can upload images.


NextGEN Public Uploader

When we talk about a gallery CMS on WordPress, NextGEN Gallery is always a leader. You can add Public upload option using NextGEN gallery by installing another plugin named NextGEN Public Uploader. You can’t upload images from URL thru this Uploader, you will have to upload images from local machine only.

nextgen_uploaderIt is recommended that you choose moderate option for uploaded images to avoid any unwanted images to be shown on your site. You can also enable users with other role to moderate the uploaded images.

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  • Great post. I found this very informative, it sure helped me out!

  • I’ve used a plugin before which does the similar thing, cant remember whats it called. But this a is a good guide for now.

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  • Joseph

    Hi, great post there.

    I like to ask a question. I would like my readers to upload image to my website but with moderation. When you say “upload images from their own local machine”, does the own local machine only refers to computers or can it be mobile devices like iphone as well?

    Do you have recommendation for plugins that allow mobile phones readers to upload images to my site? Thank you in advance!

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  • I’m going to try this plugins at localhost first. Thank’f for this tutorial, very very helpful 🙂