How To Change Default Gray Color Scheme Of WordPress Admin To Blue

The default admin scheme for WordPress admin is Gray color scheme. The other available color scheme is the Blue color scheme. Each user can change the color scheme from ‘Profile’ menu on wp-admin. But, when a  new user is created or registered, the default color scheme is always maintained unless he/she changes it as per choice.


But what if you are a blue color fan and you wish to change the default admin color scheme to ‘Blue’ i.e. ‘classic’, so that whenever a new user is created, the default color scheme for them would be ‘Blue’.

Include the below few lines of code in your functions.php of your active theme. To get the function.php file, go to Appearance –> Editor –> Theme Functions (functions.php)

At the very bottom of the file put the below code:-

And save the file, its all done.

  • Nice one Tejaswini!

    But why only blue and gray? 🙁

  • Because those come with WordPress installation. You can also use Easy Admin Color Schemes plugin to get more color schemes, hope that plugin works well on your installation. It is having some issues with mine WP installation.

  • Maybe you should send this post to WP and get them to make it an option that can be set by the admin for other users. This way you eliminate coding although you guys have a nice hack here.

  • True George, I too think there should be the option given to the users as most of us are very choosy when it comes to the looks of our site. But still, WordPress is very much configurable, those guys have done fantastic job that small small functions can make customize the CMS in whatever way we wish. Thanks a lot for writing.