CommentLuv Enabled On Internet Techies

Internet Techies is a place for people interested in computers, software,tips and tricks for windows,blogging and online money making resources. We value our visitors comments and feedbacks and reply to them with their queries. Here is an announcement for those visitors that we have enabled “CommentLuv” plugin so that you can show off your blog post in comment section by commenting on this blog.


CommentLuv is a wordpress plugin thru which a visitor who is commenting on a blog post can show off his latest post on the current blog and hen people who will land up on this blog will know about that post and may land up on your blog. So this will help you in getting more and more traffic from Internet Techies (referral).


We appreciate your effort if you shout about this update on your blog posts. Internet Techies is already having he “Latest comments” section in sidebar.

Update: We have removed the “CommentLuv” plugin from Internet Techies because of the bulky behavior of this plugin.

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  • Wow..! First comment on your blog and t is at the right time.. 😀
    .-= Prasanth Chandra´s last blog ..How to Create an Index Page for Word Documents =-.

  • Found you through @commentluv on twitter welcome to the fray commentluv rocks.
    .-= Paul @ FiscalGeek´s last blog ..Screen Door or Window Screen Repair: Frugal Fix =-.

  • Thanks @Prasanth for commenting here. Hope to c u more

  • @Paul Thanks for commenting, Hope to c u more here

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  • @steve Thanks a lot buddy, hope to c u more here

  • but be aware of spammer. they luv it also :LoL:

  • @Berita Thanks for suggestion. We are keeping them aside thru different means. There is no place for spammers on Internet Techies.

  • I see that will be the 1st thing to determine if you have installed the plug-ins.

  • @Removalist Melbourne Ya, I have to update the post. Actually that plugin was causing a bit load on the blog 🙁 So unfortunately I had to remove it.

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  • Commentluv continues to expand it’s usefulness, All great innovations to make blogging an easier and more effective medium. Hat’s off to the developers!

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  • bee

    why U dont use that?

  • Cool, will have to use commentluv for my site.

  • Hi Bee,
    Actually CommentLuv was putting some amount of load on my server and right now we are hosted on shared hosting server (Planning to move to VPS soon). That’s why I removed CommentLuv from Internet Techies. If you site is hosted on VPS or Dedicated one then you can use CommentLuv without any issue.

  • this is very great tactic for bloggers the bloggers thank you.

  • I totally agree with you and previously I was also using that on Internet Techies. But removed that because of server load.

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  • Cool, will have to use commentluv for my site. Thanks for sharing

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  • Commentluv continues to expand it’s usefulness, All great innovations to make blogging an easier and more effective medium. Hat’s off to the developers!

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  • I didn’t realize it was bulky. I have comment luv installed on my of my blogs. I am going to test my blogs with it disabled and see if there is a difference. Thanks for the heads up.

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  • A DoFollow plugin should be used along with the CommentLuv plugin. Comments are always appreciated by anyone that is involved with blogging. But if you do not use a DoFollow plugin on your blog, you could discourage many bloggers from leaving a comment at all. Many bloggers will specifically state on their blog that they do follow.

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  • Yeah, after the nofollow mania, here comes the commentLuv mania !
    Spammerz must be happy.

  • the comment luv plugin seems to be becoming very popular I think I might give it a try only thing that worries me is the amount of spam comments. Thanks for sharing

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  • Some interesting information on Comment Luv plugin,it`s probably the only one i have yet to try.Loads of automated foreign jumbled spam comments are a real problem though,they just seem to breed.

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