Now Download Instant Weekly Roundup From WordPress Plugin Directory

Yesterday we have released Instant Weekly Roundup– Free WordPress Plugin to generate weekly or monthly roundups in seconds and provided the details related to installation, usage etc on Internet Techies Instant Weekly Roundup Plugin page. Today it got the approval and space on Plugin Directory. This was just after the very successful release of our first two WordPress plugin Smooth Slider – a fully customizable featured posts slideshow creator and Cute Profiles – A free WordPress plugin to Show Vertically Floating Social Profiles.


You can now download Instant Weekly Roundup directly from WordPress Plugin directory, the link is given below:

==> Instant Weekly Roundup on WordPress Plugin Directory

On Internet Techies, we have started publishing Monday Morning Readership, a weekly roundup post each Monday. The idea to write Instant Weekly Roundup came from the last Monday post, when Sanjeev was manually picking the posts and got a bit tired of that. We felt that if we had some tool to aid us generate this roundup without missing a single important post, it would be a treat! So we decided to do for all of us, the WordPress blogger community. And today, we are with it and hope that this tool would be beneficial for all others who want the roundup posts on their blog. Long live WordPress!

We are grateful to WordPress community and which gave us opportunity to contribute and spread our work. Long live WordPress!

  • Wow ! Congrats for that Sanjeev and Tejaswini ! Hope will see more and more plugins from you guys ! Kudos and happy Diwali ! 😉

  • You are doing so great for the WordPress community. I love this plugin idea. Surely will try it in my blog.

  • @BlogPro Thanks a lot buddy for compliments.

  • Good plugin.