First Look – WordPress 3.0 MU Merge Settings To Create Network Blogs

Last month we published an update about WordPress 3.0 that it is going to have WordPress and WordPress MU merged in it. Today, at the time of testing the first alpha of WordPress 3.0, I thought to show the special page created for WordPress MU in WordPress 3.0. Under Settings panel on Dashboard, a new tab is added named as “Network” which will be used for creating multiple sites as sub-directory or sub-domain. Follow the below mentioned steps to create Multiple site or Network of wordpress sites under WordPress 3.0.

wordpress 3.0

In this post I will show you the new settings tab named “Network” and the process which you will have to follow to create new blogs under same network (same as WordPress MU). So this post will become the first look post for WordPress 3.0 MU merge Settings.

New Settings Tab in WordPress 3.0 Dashboard


How to Create Multiple Sites on WordPress 3.0

  • Go to the Settings Panel on Dashboard and Select “Network” tab
  • Now Choose the format in which you want the network of blogs to be created. You may choose Sub-domain or Sub-directory. You can’t update this after proceeding from this screen.
  • Enter the blog name (Primary Blog) and Email ID
  • Click on Proceed to go to the next level
  • WordPress will show you an updated copy of wp-config.php and .htaccess files. Update these two files located in the root folder of WordPress installation
  • Create a new folder named as “blogs.dir” under wp-content folder of WordPress Installation to store uploaded images on different blogs under the network
  • Done. Now you can create different blogs under sub-domains or sub-directory (whatever you had chosen earlier).

Screenshots of Network Settings on WordPress 3.0


Screen 2 – WordPress 3.0 Network Settings


We are still testing WordPress 3.0 Alpha and trying to explore the new things. Till now we have seen only one change i.e. Network Setting under the Settings panel (as explained above). We will update you about the other changes which has come with 3.0 Alpha.

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Update – If you are not able to find “Network” option on Dashboard or looking for the WordPress MU Merge options for multiple site network on WordPress 3.0, read the Step by Step Pictorial Guide to Enable Network Option on WordPress 3.0.

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  • Hi, I am excited about wordpress 3.0 and obviously merge of single user WP and WPMU.
    Where I can have development version of WP 3.0?

    Thanks for info. 🙂 and good luck.

  • Hey sorry to trouble you… I found it here:
    Thanks and nice blog 🙂

  • Thanks for the first look. Did you try it?
    I am confused: how doe the virtual subdomains work without having to add a wildcard to the httpd.conf file on the server?

    Cheers, Harry

  • You can simply add the subdomain * via cPanel or whatever admin panel you have with your hosting provider – and that’s it!


  • I install WP3.0 RC1 in one of my domains. However, my dashboard does not show any network option under settings.

    Any ideas why this might be so?

  • lox

    Don’t be to exited about the new menu system. It is is intentionally incomplete.

    For example there is NO filter to filter the generated array of menus items. So, say goodbye to sub-menu and portions of menu display, you won’t be able to do it with a powerful wordpress filter.

    Why? Because the wordpress dev team has refused to include ONE more line of code and delayed it to WP 3.1.

  • Today I have installed the WordPress 3.0 on my blog but unable to find the network tab under settings,

    Can you please me ??

  • Hi Sanjeev,

    Mine is a single user blog. I just upgraded. However I can’t see the “Network” tab under settings…

  • Hi Yohan

    Add the following line to wp-config.php:

    define( ‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true );

    The Network menu under Tools will not show up until you complete this step.

  • Hi Yohan,

    On default installation or upgrade of WordPress 3.0, “Network” options is not visible. To make that visible and to enable Multiple Site network on WordPress, you need to make changes in wp-config.php file in root folder. Here is a Step by Step pictorial guide to enable WordPress MU like multiple site network on WordPress 3.0.