Generate Image and Video XML Sitemaps for WordPress Blogs

Normally we use to generate and submit XML sitemap for posts/articles of our WordPress blogs so that Google or other search engines can crawl and index posts regularly. Sitemap is a way to provide search engines an organized list of articles in a proper sequence with priority. As we use to add lot many media contents like images and videos on articles which also throws traffic to our site, but we don’t submit a sitemap for them. On my blog, Internet Techies, Google Image Search sends around 15% of total traffic which is really huge. So if we can submit a sitemap for images and videos, then Google or other search engines will have an organized structure of available images and videos on our site and will crawl them regularly. Now the questions is that how to generate a sitemap for images and videos? Here is the answer, of course we are talking about plugins.

Google XML Sitemap for Images and Google XML Sitemap for Videos are two plugins for generating sitemaps on your server for images and videos included on your blog. You just need to download these plugins from WordPress plugin directory and activate them thru plugin section on dashboard. Once activated, Go to “Tools ==> Image Sitemap (or Video Sitemap)” tab on dashboard and generate the sitemap for images and videos respectively. Before hitting the generate button, I would suggest you to upload a black file named “sitemap-image.xml” (for video sitemap, upload file named as sitemap-video.xml) in the root folder of your blog. And set the file permission for that file as 777 (write permission). Now you can click on generate button on settings page to generate or update your image or video sitemap.  

XML File will look like the below Code 

image sitemap

Download WordPress Plugins and Install on Dashboard

Download Google XML Sitemap for Images

Download Google XML Sitemap for Videos

Once you will generate these sitemaps for your blog, you can submit them on Google Webmaster Tool. After submitting them over there, you can see a green tick mark beside the submitted sitemap and also the time of submission. In next few days, you will see number of images of videos indexed in Google for submitted sitemap. For Image sitemap, Sitemap Type will appear as “Images” and for videos that will appear as “Videos”.

Image Sitemap submitted on Webmaster Tool

I hope that you will start using these image and video sitemap generators on your WordPress blog to expose your images and media files in a better way.

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  • Thanks for sharing with us and links.

  • These two plugins are the most trusted wordpress plugins I’ve been using since then. I’m much comfortable using these. Thanks for this post, I just felt glad reading this.

  • I’m having trouble with the video sitemap file. Even though I’ve followed your instruction, I’m getting the error:


    The XML sitemap was generated successfully but the plugin was unable to save the xml to your WordPress root folder at /home/onlinevi/public_html.

    Please ensure that the folder has appropriate write permissions.

    You can either use the chmod command in Unix or use your FTP Manager to change the permission of the folder to 0666 and then try generating the sitemap again.

    If the issue remains unresolved, please post the error message in this WordPress forum.

    You’re obviously uploading the sitemap-video.xml file to take care of this error, but I’m still having it. Any ideas?

  • Wasn’t this topic explained (but in a completely different opinion)?